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  1. Wait, so with SkyRe, things will be ridiculously easy by, say, 75 hours of gameplay time? So, with SkyRe, the game lasts a WEEK, given that I play most of the day? That's ridiculous... I've spent the last two weeks just getting MODS for crying out loud, and now I find out that the whole game will last a few days... great.
  2. Thanks for the in-depth reply :) What mods would you recommend, then? Also, the WTF mod doesn't seem to randomize every area. Like the author himself states, if a vanilla area is set to have a max enemy level of 5, then WTF will not adjust it higher than 5. So basically, you can never encounter an area with enemies more difficult than vanilla. In which case, I don't even understand what the point of the mod is.
  3. If this is TL;DR: just read the last paragraph of this post please. The problem (ranty): The world should not revolve around my character. The entire world in vanilla Skyrim levels up coincidentally with the player. Wolves suddenly go extinct, then an epidemic of bears sweeps the lands, then the bears go extinct and the trolls take their place. This all, conveniently, happens right when I reach just the right level to be able to stand a chance against the new enemies. And the friendly people are no exception. At the start of the game, blacksmiths all across the world are completely oblivious to, or unable to craft, high level equipment. A mere few weeks later, while my character was off doing his own thing, the blacksmiths suddenly learned how to craft better equipment! Wow, what a coincidence, right? Just in time too, because my character needs new trusty high-quality equipment since he is now fighting bandits who, themselves, suddenly learned how to make good equipment over the last mere week (maybe they're in league with those blacksmiths themselves!? Ye gods!) Imagine one of the bandits saying to his bandit friend, "Hey, have you noticed how much more powerful we've gotten just sitting here being lazy and not even fighting anything over the last two weeks? Even our weapons have magically morphed into better quality ones!" and the other bandit replying, "Hmm, yeah, there must be some adventurer on the other side of the province who's been killing some stuff." The first bandit thinks for a few moments and, puzzled, inquires, "...Why is that making us more powerful?" The other bandit shrugs, "Hmm, those are dangerous questions you're asking! Best get back to your work." --------------------- So, I'm looking for a mod that will make it so that enemies and merchants and loot are basically relatively static, meaning that the world is what it is when I'm on the carriage ride to Helgen and the world keeps on staying the way it is in the upcoming weeks and months of the game time, since the world doesn't (and shouldn't) dramatically change everything just because my character happened to have been roaming around for a few weeks. Some areas should have level 5 enemies, some areas should have level 60 enemies, and they should remain that way forever. The level 5 bandits hiding in their dungeons shouldn't magically become 12x more powerful in a few short weeks, all because my character suddenly started to walk around and do stuff. Nor should the level 60 dragons suddenly magically find themselves 12x weaker just because my character hasn't killed enough bears and picked enough locks yet. A mod called PISE caught my eye, but the mod's description seems to say that another mod, ASIS, has taken up the reigns of that task. So I went to the ASIS page and tried to find out if it does the same thing PISE does. I was shocked to find that a mod which overhauls the game's entire fundamental system of enemy difficulty and item availability was described in a single sentence: "Generally tends to be semi-static, with zones given level ranges 20 levels wide (ie, 35-55, 10-30, etc)." Wtf? "Generally" semi-static? How generally? And what does "semi"-static mean exactly? How semi? Which zones were given which level range, roughly? What does the "etc." part mean? Does that mean it goes beyond 55? Does that mean there are other ranges aside from the two mentioned? It's utterly and completely asinine and insane to me that the readme for such a huge change to the game is a single ambiguous sentence. I then found a mod called "Skyrim Scaling Stopper", which does what it says except it limits the enemies to an average level of less than 20, with only 3% of enemies being higher than level 21, and that's only in designated non-"safe" zones. Other zones are even easier. So basically, the game is over by level 30 because it would be stupidly easy no matter where you went and no matter what you fought. I then found a mod (authored by none other than the SkyRe author himself!) called "WTF" which claims to provide the ability to assign "minimum levels to all encounter zones." Hooray! I found the mod I've been looking for, right? Wrong. What the mod description not only fails to mention, but outright LIES about (as the author himself admits to in the comments to his mod,) is that it's still limited by the level limits in game. I'll let the mod author himself admit to lying his pants off (apparently, he doesn't seem to realize this...) - "The numbers affect chosen enemies from an assigned leveled list. If the mine lists contain maximum enemies with level 5, a WTF level of 70 will just mean that the enemies in the mine will always have the maximum level of 5, regardless of when you enter the mine." So, basically, his mod makes it so that enemies can be the same level that they would be in vanilla anyway or even lower level. Those are the only mods I could find that tackle this glaring and fundamental problem in vanilla Skyrim. So, does anyone know of any mods besides "WTF", "ASIS", or "Skyrim Scaling Stopper", that make it so that enemies and merchants and loot don't level up with you? Or does anyone know what exactly that component of ASIS does? Preferably in more detail than a single ambiguous sentence, since the author already provides that. Thanks!
  4. I thought the 3.1 GB memory limit was a limit to how much memory Skyrim itself can use. Mod Organizer contributes to that 3.1 GB limit?
  5. I'm mildly annoyed, especially when testing out mods, about the fact that MO closes itself whenever I have it launch Skyrim. It seems I can tell it to not close MO when launching, but I'm reluctant to do so without knowing if it's safe. Is there any particular reason why the default setting is to have MO close when launching Skyrim, or is it perfectly okay to have it stay open? Thanks.
  6. The mod author for Book Covers has provided a patch for the conflict between his mod and The Choice Is Yours. I suggest we remove the part of the note next to TCIY on the STEP guide which says "This mod has a conflicts with Book Covers Skyrim".
  7. Judging from the comments posted on this mod's Nexus page, it appears that many people using this mod end up triggering one or more of the DLC quests at the default time even though they use this mod AND have set it to delay the DLC quests. There are also people reporting that the patch file for Run for Your Lives is broken. Can anyone confirm? Has anyone used this mod and SUCCESSFULLY managed to delay the DLC quests?
  8. Can someone explain to a new player like me what this mod does? I have never played Skyrim before, so I don't know what all this "dragon shout" stuff is or whatever.
  9. The STEP Wiki's instructions on this mod are vague... do I download the .7z file on the Wiki as well as one of the files on the Nexus? If so, do I download the main file (the BAIN Wizard one) or the FOMOD optional file? Or both? Or do I just download the FOMOD optional without even downloading the .7z on the Wiki?
  10. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I just don't know where else to put this. I'm following the STEP guide, but I don't see the official High Resolution DLC listed among the list of mods to get, though I do see the HRDLC Patch listed, so I assume STEP wants me to get the official hi-res DLC? I don't understand what the point of the hi-res DLC is if I'm getting a whole bunch of other 2k res texture mods like Skyrim HD. Are there some textures in the official hi-res DLC that are not also in any of the other hi-res mods like Skyrim HD?
  11. Thanks for the help guys, I have a couple more questions though. My SSD is really packed full and I'd prefer not to have MO use the default path (on my SSD, C: drive) to store the mods I have installed. I changed the path to a new folder I created within my HDD (the non-SSD one, my E: drive), entitled "Mod Organizer Mods". Then I went into settings and checked "Advanced" and changed the "Mods" directory to the "E:\...\Mod Organizer Mods", but the old location ("C:\...\Mod Organizer\mods") still has all of the mods I had installed before I changed the directory in the settings. Should I copy-paste all the stuff in the old place into the new place I created, or just delete them and reinstall them? Also, since I have MO, what do I use BOSS for? If I understand correctly, BOSS is kind of a priority ordering program, but MO seems to handle all of that priority stuff. Thanks a lot for your help guys, STEP is awesome and I'm thrilled to have found it. Is there any way I can donate? :)
  12. So you'd recommend I use MO and BOSS, or just MO? Also, should I get TES5Edit too?
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