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  1. My character when he's a werewolf seems to not have any footstep sounds when running (as in moving normally, not sprinting but not walking). All the other sounds are great (I'm using AOS and I love it), and I don't see anywhere that AOS is affecting werewolf footstep sounds but I can't seem to find the reason for the lack of footstep sounds. When I hold shift and my character walks as a werewolf, there's the heavy thud footstep sound, but the minute my character starts running it's deathly silent. I tried extracting the werewolf running footsteps sounds out of the sounds bsa and moving them to the data folder. If I play the sound files individually using vlc player they seem to play fine, and have a nice loud noise. I also checked the werewolf footstep sounds under the skyrim.esm file using TES5Edit (under Sound Descriptor), but the NPCWerewolfFootRun values were unchanged. AOS has edited the walk sounds, NPCWerewolfFootWalk, but the running sounds were untouched. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I personally really wanted to keep Ambient Occlusion using my built in Nvidia card settings at first, because I thought it was better performance-wise. However, it really became annoying seeing those dark lines in the mist, as well as the constant flashing of SSAO on certain objects (especially things next to walls, you can check the things hanging up on the walls in the Bannered Mare to see what I'm talking about.) I eventually gave up and just use my ENB's built in SSAO, but the choice is really up to you. Personally if I had to chose, I would turn it off rather than have the immersion-breaking SSAO flashing, but that's just me.
  3. Okay, so I've fixed the Winking Skeever as well, it also was because it wasn't omnidirectional so it looks like a trend here. My guess is that Boris would need to fix his ENB to apply to all shadows and not just omnidirectionial shadows to make everything look better, but at least shadows won't look weird in the Winking Skeever. Go to Cell > Block 6 > Sub-Block 8 >0016A0E SolitudeWinkingSkeever > Temporary > 206163B SolitudeInnFirePlacesShadowHemi and change the "NAME - Base" from "SolitudeInnFiresPlaceShadowHemi" to "SolitudeInnFiresPlaceShadowDefault". You can check that suddenly the shadows aren't splotchy and flashing near the center of the Winking Skeever. Lisette when she sings shouldn't have weird shadows anymore, yay! @Aiyen I think you are right though, that directional light can't act like an omnidirectional, so I don't think I would mess with that. I think the best fixes would be to change hemispherical shadows into omnidirectional shadows, although I wouldn't know where they all are. This does seem more like something Boris should change in his ENB, so even directional shadows apply. @keithinhanoi I haven't made it to Riften in my recent playthrough, so I can't check Riften shadows now. I'll have to drop by Riften and give it a try. However, these areas with bad shadows don't seem to be fixed by any changes to ENB shadow settings, these seem completely unaffected by my ENB. So I think I'm probably done then, I've fixed the most glaring and annoying problems for me, if anyone sees another location like this that's super common and annoying, and isn't a directional shadow (like the direct sunlight) you can post it here and let me know, I'd like to fix up these few problems. Maybe you guys could also find the TES5Edit value to change as well, so I can make my Skyrim perfect ;) EDIT: I don't know if I was clear earlier, but my fix from above for ELFX-Exteriors should fix all giant campfires, all Khajit caravan fires, possibly other campfires(?) as well as that one brazier in Whiterun. So I'm pretty happy with the Exteriors module now, if anyone else notices these funky darkened shadows using ELFX-Exteriors let me know.
  4. So, I seemed to have found a fix for at least most of the campfires that one Brazier in Whiterun. If you want to check, you can open the Exteriors module in TES5Edit and then go to Worldspace > WhiterunWorld > Block 0,-1 > Sub-Block 0,-1 > 0001A276 WhiterunPlainsDistrict04 > Temporary > 020035A1 DefaultTorch01Desat and then change "NAME -Base" from "DefaultTorch01Desat" to "DefaultTorch01NS". To fix some of the external fires, you can go to Light > 0200136D LightCampFireShadow as well as Light > 0200D263 SLightStreetStreetShadow and change Flags from "Dynamic, Flicker, Shadow Omnidirectional" to just "Dynamic, Flicker" by unchecking "Shadow Omnidirectional" in the drop down. Phew, I'm sure there are more but at least I got the ones that were the most annoying. Now I just need to figure out how to fix the interior shadows. I feel like perhaps the lights that are not omnidirectional might cause problems, for example in Dragonsreach the two weird shadows are caused by Cell > Block 5 > Sub-Block 5 > 000165A3 WhiterunDragonsreach > Persistent > Temporary "02083D5D BleakFallsSunlight01" and "02002324 DefaultSunlight01 Closer03." If I change these lights to omnidirectional lights, the shadows are fixed by the ENB but I haven't found the right settings to make it look okay. Is there anyone more familiar than I am with lighting that can suggest a better "NAME - Base"? The most annoying light source for me is in "The Winking Skeever", so once I find that source maybe I can switch it to an omnidirectional light source and at least make the Winking Skeever interior look better. EDIT: I wasn't clear, the ELFX-Exterior changes fixes ALL campfires I've seen, including Giant's campfires and Khajit caravan campfires, along with the Brazier in Whiterun.
  5. I mean, ENBs are known to kind of blur shadows edges, making them less sharp and defined but also casting more realistically, like when wearing hoods. However, in these very specific locations the shadows from ELFX aren't blurred at all, they very sharp but sort of splotchy. When I was showing the pictures, look on the right side of his face (his left side) and notice that the hood will cast shadows with an ENB, but with the ENB turned off the hood won't cast shadows on the characters faces, and leave splotchy shadows. It's really noticable, especially with hoods. You can test that by putting on a hood, standing like my character is standing with one side facing towards a fire or towards the sun, and then turning on and off the ENB. RLO had all light sources affected by the ENB and the hood would correctly shade the face with my ENB on. The hood actually isn't the most annoying thing to me actually, it's more the flashing and speckling of the shadows, compared to the much more consistent shadows of an ENB. It's startling, turning on and off your ENB (hitting shift-f12) and you can just watch and see how different the shadows are. For a test, go into the Drunken Huntsman and just look at people with your ENB on and off.https://i.imgur.com/va1oIdu.jpghttps://i.imgur.com/xWErHCn.jpg The big problem I'm having with the Exteriors module is that it adds shadows, but the angle from which the shadows are cast is from the fake sun you mentioned, not from the light. So it's weird that the closer you get to the light, the darker the shadows are, but they could be facing towards the light instead of away. Here's an example, a picture facing toward the light. Notice how dark those shadows are, and how they actually all point in one direction, regardless of the bright brazier in the center:https://i.imgur.com/y742ODC.jpg But if I turn around and take a picture nearby, you can see that the shadows are not nearly as dark. This picture was taken within seconds of the previous one:https://i.imgur.com/ZmplQqv.jpg It's because the shadows are adding in intensity, but they are all coming from the same angle, the fake sun, so it looks weird. If I set bDeferredShadows=0 in SkyrimPrefs.ini then I get what ELFX author intended, this image:https://i.imgur.com/bFaZBac.jpg but I lose the more realistic and softened shadows of my ENB everywhere. Gopher showed the difference an ENB makes in shadows on his Twitch channel when he was testing out ENBs, how the originally splotchy face shadows turned into beautifully perfect shadows with his ENB on. However, it seems he to have deleted it. I'll try to check and see if I can find a video showing the difference and add a link in a bit. EDIT: Thanks for the help so far, sorry if I'm not being clear, I just love tweaking my Skyrim game to perfection. :) And here's Dragonsreach, same spot with the splotchy shadows, but with ELFX turned off:https://i.imgur.com/dsfsjpi.jpgShadows look great again, no splotchiness at all. not anything like the old one:https://i.imgur.com/KwpbUOk.jpg So it's clearly ELFX that's causing this, I just need to find that little option in TES5Edit and turn it off :)
  6. Here, I took some screen shots for comparison. ENB shadows, are far superior to vanilla shadows, they don't have the blocky weird flashing shadows and look much more realistic. Here's a picture of my character standing near a fire in Dragonsreach. If I enable or disable my ENB it makes a huge difference, notice that the side of the hood leaves a shadow across the face. https://i.imgur.com/va1oIdu.jpg I'm using ELFX, and this is how most shadows appear. However, here's a picture taken in the Dragonsreach kitchen:https://i.imgur.com/KwpbUOk.jpgSee how the face has a splotchy shadow that isn't consistent? These are encountered with my ENB on, and I notice no difference turning on or off my ENB. I used to use RLO, and with an ENB enabled ALL the shadows I encountered looked vastly superior to Vanilla, hitting shift-f12 would show a huge difference. However, I've encountered several light sources using ELFX that seem to not be affected by my ENB. So I'd like to edit ELFX using TES5Edit so that all the light sources are affected by my ENB, if that makes sense. My Exterior problem, is different, and I cant show some pictures. Here's a picture of a Khajit Camp at night, near a bright fire using unedited ELFX:https://i.imgur.com/K7419wV.jpgNotice how the character on the left is standing next to a bright fire but is completely covered in shadow. These shadows are actually coming from the tree behind me, the light sources are simply amplifying the shadows cast by the moon. So I edited the ELFX-Exteriors, turning off the shadow cast by these fires, and I get this:https://i.imgur.com/fXvAT7l.jpgNotice that the bright light illuminates the whole scene, which is how it should work. The creator of ELFX suggests that users of the Exterior module set bDeferredShadows=0 in SkyrimPrefs.ini. However, if I make that change then ALL of my shadows become like Vanilla:https://i.imgur.com/xWErHCn.jpgNotice that my hood here doesn't leave a shadow across my face. If I enable or disable the ENB, the shadows are the same. So my question is how can I fix the lighting problem with ELFX that is causing certain light sources to not use ENB shadows? I personally prefer the idea behind ELFX and the general lighting placement over RLO, but I just want to fix these weird shadows. I'm thinking I can edit the lighting in certain locations (particularly the Winking Skeever, the Windhelm Inn, maybe a few other places if I encounter them) using TES5Edit, but I don't know the particular setting that ELFX has that causes shadows to not be handled by the ENB. I already fixed a big problem with all the campfires that were creating strange shadows at certain times, but I am still stuck with a few outdoor lights casting weird shadows, like the brazier near Whiterun's Gildergreen:https://i.imgur.com/y742ODC.jpgSo I'd like to remove these few entries too, if possible.
  7. I encountered this problem before, but for me it was because I enabled ambient occlusion (SSAO). Especially if it's enabled using your Nvidia graphics card settings, it would show the ambient occlusion even through the mist, so you'd get these weird black outlines because your graphics card sees a corner and wants to draw a dark spot there. Particularly it would flash and flicker when I looked around, which is annoying, so now I only use ENB SSAO.
  8. I use Vividian ENB with ELFX and ELFX Exteriors, and overall it's been great. However, I've encountered two problems with ELFX, and I was hoping I could fix these myself using TES5Edit but I'm a bit lost at the moment. First of all, ELFX-Exteriors adds it's own shadows to certain exterior lights. However, these shadows require that I set bDeferredShadows=0, which completely ruins the far superior ENB shadows. If I leave bDeferredShadows=1, then the shadows around lights become more intense but still come from the moon, which creates funky shadows on people, particularly when it's overcast. Unless anyone knows how to turn bDeferredShadows=0 and keep the ENB shadows; if you can do that then my first problem is immediately fixed ;) I wanted to turn off these shadows so I went into TES5Edit and found there was a setting under “Light†called LightCampFireShadow and SlightStreetStreetShadow that had shadows checked under them. I turn them off and Voila! - campfires no longer have broken shadows. I checked the Windhelm Khajit camp and several Giant Camps to make sure. However, certain places still have have those funky shadows, like for example the brazier near Gildergreen in Whiterun. How can I find in TES5Edit the reference for these extra shadow casting street lights? I can't find any reference that seems to make a difference. The other problem I noticed is that certain lights in the main ELFX Interiors module seem to use the old Vanilla shadows instead of the much improved ENB shadows. Examples include the Whiterun Temple of Kynareth, Whiterun kitchen, Winking Skeever, Windhelm inn upstairs, etc.. It's jarring to go from one place with the realistic ENB shadows and suddenly switch to the ugly Vanilla shadows. Where can I find these in TES5Edit so I can switch them back so they can be affected by my ENB? I don't need to change them all, just the ones that are the most annoying like the Winking Skeever.
  9. Right, I was just trying to reply to someone's question on whether this affects all protected and essential NPCs or whether it was just followers. Â I think you are absolutely correct in that in only affects followers (which is what I wanted anyways) without causing other essential or protected NPCs to kneel down for too long. Â Although I can't 100% confirm it since I'm not skilled enough in TES5Edit or CK to check to see which NPCs are affected by fBleedoutRate.Â
  10. I tested it with Delphine in the Sleeping Giant Inn. Â I could be mistaken, but it seemed to not affect her bleedout time (she would kneel down and then several seconds later get back up, even while I was in the middle of a long fight with guards). Â However my follower Larkspur (from 3dNPC) and a hired Ranger (from Travellers of Skyrim) Â both would crouch down for a long period of time, although if I cast healing hands on either they would get up immediately. Â There's a similar function in AFT (Amazing Follower Tweaks) called No Combat Recovery but it seemed more buggy, where the follower would lay down like they were slain, and then suddenly respawn after combat (sometimes initially a floating head and then armor a few seconds later).
  11. A simple mod that increases the bleedout time for followers, so they stay incapacitated longer. Â I always disliked my followers getting knocked down, and then getting back up like 5 seconds later to keep fighting with full health. Â I sometimes felt like I could just block and run around to stall the enemies until Lydia would get back up and kill some of the enemies, get knocked back down, rinse and repeat. Â Luckily, I found this mod. Â This feels much more immersive, where if someone is injured they will go down for a few minutes. Don't worry, if combat is over they will stand up immediately, so you aren't waiting around once the enemies are killed. Â Also, if your companion is in a bleedout state you can use a healing spell on them to help them stand back up and get back into the fight. Â I think this mod is especially useful if you are using multiple followers, since it makes it harder for your followers to continuously attack an enemy (like playing whac-a-mole) as they go in and out of bleedout state. I checked in TES5Edit, and it seems to only alter a single value fBleedoutRate, so it shouldn't have any compatibility issues or cause any problems. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50031/
  12. Are there any other mods that remove combat recovery or increase the time a fallen follower will take before they get back up? Â I don't like the fact that my fallen companions will extremely quickly get back up and attack my foe in the back, it removes a lot of the fun of combat. Â I sometimes get to the point where I just stall my foes until Lydia stands back up with her two-handed weapon and power attacks an enemy in the back, rinse and repeat. I really enjoy the slow pace of one-on-one combat, but with multiple enemies I'd prefer to have a buddy, so the AFT "no combat recovery" seemed perfect, but I'm worried I'm adding a lot of scripts into my game that I'm not even using. Â Any suggestions?
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