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  1. Thanks to the advice here on this forum, I seem to licked the issues with the overwrite folder and mod creation therein. Appreciate all the help here. Kudos!
  2. Well your Baby Steps instructions seems to have worked this time. I have created the "Mod" as per the above post and activated it successfully in MO and this too without any Red X. Now I need to play through the game and report back the results. So in short: Many Thanks for your time and patience!
  3. No go! Still the same issue, please see screenshot: Created the SKSE folder and moved said folder to "Mod Organizer\Mods" directory.
  4. Hi DoubleYou. I have followed your instructions and created 3 separate folders in the "Mod Organizer\Mods" directory. Namely: 1) Bashed Patch - I have moved the "bashed patch.esp" into the folder and activated successfully through MO 2) FNIS Patch - I have moved the two FNIS related folders (Tools and Meshes) into it and also activated successfully through MO 3) SKSE INI - I have moved the SKSE.ini into this folder but now I cannot activate it in MO as it's been Flagged with a Red X! What now?
  5. OK! Thanks for some answers even if non-definitive. So here's the screenshot of my overwrite folder. There are only 3 "Mods" in it: (a) Bashed Patch, (b) SKSE.ini and © FNIS related.
  6. Hi riem2k! Appreciate your input. Now let's see if the experts here have some more clues to assist us with the Bodyslide Addons.
  7. Just went through the entire Overwrite topic on the Wiki and came out completely underwhelmed! It's just a little primer! Nowhere in the so called Wiki does it talk about how to create mods from the Overwrite folder. So its back to my original questions: "Can you please advise on creating and moving / installing mods out of the Mod Organizer Overwrite folder"? "And what mod creation strategy should be adopted if the overwrite folder contains files for more than one mod? Then what are the options"? This question is humbly directed to the MO Dev Tannin and other Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on this forum. Please don't send me off on another wild goose chase. This question should be easy for all of you. And if you don't know the answer and then please say so. There is no shame in admitting ignorance!
  8. Hi Thanks for the advice, I'll try and read the wiki to get a handle on the process. As far as right clicking and creating a mod out of the Overwrite folder is concerned, what if the overwrite folder contains files for more than one mod? Then what!
  9. Hi MO Devs! Can you please create a sticky for creating and moving / installing mods out of the Overwrite folder. Considering you guys have developed such a fantastic application, it would be peanuts for you to create a basic sticky. Thanks in anticipation!
  10. I humbly request you guys to least test and give us decent instructions on how to make the BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio work correctly with Mod Organizer? I have also raised this request with BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio dev team and they have advised I should ask here.
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