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  1. Well, i think i have the issue down. If i untick-deactivate or add just one mod in my list it causes that crazy issue where it somehow deactivates all the mods i have and says they didnt exist, thus causes the wacky issues. What i mean is: when my game decides to work with my mods like it is now it looks stable, until something messes with them then all hell breaks lose. this last issue was with MO and it randomly thinking my active mods were deactivated when they weren't. other issue is when i deactivate a mod or add a mod, then these issues come up.
  2. i had around 240 active before disabling. and some of them when i went into the game with everything disabled it still wanted to load up the mods even though they were disabled. im just so confused about what is going on.
  3. I guess the issue remains a bit unfixed but that is alright. If you guys feel it is necessary to close this topic or whatever you can if you wish.
  4. Ive tried what you said and now the issue is gone, but for some reason some of the mods are activated but some of their content doesnt want to load ... and im down to 240 mods. i think im just having some major conflicts or something now.
  5. No, i have not. I will try that and post the results.
  6. Okay, so what am i to do now? Do i just remove every single mod or something? im trying to get to the bottom of this problem but its so confusing.
  7. Hmmm.... none of the deactivated still have dependencies.... but these scripts you are talking about might be causing an issue.... how do i remove these scripts? im guessing by removing the mod. and i found out something interesting. If i deactivate one said mod out of the list of 245, my game start wigging out.... i dont know what that means... like, i removed one part of ACE from a started save game and the issues started happening.
  8. Most of them are deactivated. and i still get wack mess-ups. i have 245 activated.
  9. Im guessing everyone is stumped at my problem then?
  10. Okay. GSD there was no red triangles, and i dont get any errors when i load anything before, but when i get in the mods start freaking out and cause mayham... and im placed in riverwood without even exploring it and quests start triggering even though i havent even done them. and for both of you that setting is enabled. EDIT: rather when i start a new game with live another life. i should be more clear there. the last time i got breezehome on the new save and for some reason when i load that save im in riverwood. then the stuff happens. its all quite weird and i have no idea what it going on.
  11. Yeah, i have it set to the profile i use all the the time. im clearly baffled at what is going on here. EDIT: I even try to start a new game and it loads all of them fine but when i save and go back to that game it starts that whole problem, if that helps locate the issue.
  12. Erm, for some reason it says this *Missing ESP's: Skyrim.esm* ... and this shouldnt be as it is bought thru steam. Do you think steam is causing this issue or what? Im confused. All these mods and the game worked perfectly until the update i did for MO... hopefully none of the mods anyways. it doesnt say anything else, just skyrim.esm missing.
  13. Hello STEP community! I've been having some issues recently and i have a feeling it might be MO that could be the culprit. I had a very developed character that was going smoothly mod wise with only very minor conflicts due to a lot of workarounds from the forums and whatnot... but besides that, why i think MO had a huge brain-fart is that when i updated it just recently, i loaded my most recent save game and it gave the error *you might have mods that are not longer active do you want to continue loading*. so i didnt think nothing of it and just loaded it, for some reason all of my mods i did have either didnt load at all or they started bugging out and alot of weird stuff started happening... it was really quick scary ... my screen started pulsating and flashing with some weird monster roaring in the background and i end up dying by something killing me instantly ... i know thats a mod that doing that because this has happened to me before. I have no idea what is going on here and if anyone could help me i would be grateful.
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