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  1. Just deactivate those mods : if MO don't tell you that SR Conflict Resolution has missing masters (check for a warning sign alongside the CR .esp in the right pane) and that the game loads, you're fine. Inigo may not work as it should with EFF. I'm absolutely not in a position to affirm things as I didn't use Inigo with EFF, but you may check Follower Compatibility by Vamyan. Could be outdated, but I see it includes Inigo changes pertaining EFF so that's a track. Also, be sure to apply the correct load order as per recommended in the EFF Nexus description, under "Compatibility" :
  2. Hmm I'd say Warbug's mod actually is the better choice if you want to reproduce a realistic drawn paper map feel as opposed to the "GPS" one. The "classic" option of Quality World Map still doesn't achieve the same physical or paper look and feel imho. For comparison : A Quality World Map "classic" : paper texture applied on to the original "satellite view" 3D map. Warbug's "texture 2" : drawn map (eg : the mountains are symbolized rather than reproducing the real geography/altitude).
  3. As far as my experience goes, there is no issue with SkyTEST as long as you install a compatibility patch (both Requiem and SkyTEST affect creatures behaviors). It is up to yourself to choose between Requiem behavior or SkyTEST one to "win", with the appropriate compatibility patch on this page (It's based on Requiem 1.8 though not sure if anything has changed from 1.7.3).
  4. Thanks Gandaganza :). Right, so I got the plugin fixed, no errors left. The aforementioned linked fix was valid, the only thing is that the mentioned FORM IDs were not the same. I also downloaded and compared the patch version provided in ETaC patches : it is the same thing but without errors :). Good thing indeed that you got me to fiddle with all of that hishutup, I learned new things :). That said, someone should edit the compatibility guide to point users towards the ETaC patch for RS Childrens instead of the current one, because for now it will 100% lead users to the same loading issue.
  5. Thanks for the insight hishutup ! I'll get my hands dirty on Edit then and report on what I can achieve. But who is "mjb" ?
  6. Hello, I'm currently building REGS 4.0.3 on top of a working and updated SR:LE build. I've been following the somewhat outdated but insightful REGS-SRLE compatibility guide. The only major deviation in regards to REGS is that I installed ETAC v13.4 (with Dragon Bridge South) instead of the supported 13.3 (not available to download). So far I've ran into one "hard" issue : I've re-installed RS Children Overhaul and its Patches (in accordance with both REGS and the compatibility guide instructions), and as such merged : Everything merges without error except the plugin Patch - Etac Complete - RS Kids.esp, so I left it out of the merge, and told BUM to load it after the merged patch. Turns out that the game can't launch properly with this plugin active : I get stuck indefinitely in the main menu with the Skyrim logo but without the gray smoke and the menu options appearance. As soon as I deactivate Patch - Etac Complete - RS Kids.esp the game run fine. I checked for errors within TESV Edit, here's the report : [spoiler=Plugin from "RS Patch for ETaC Complete plus DBS" archive ][00:00] Checking for Errors in [CF] Patch - ETaC Complete - RS kids.esp [00:00] MJBDarkwaterChildTorfi "Torfi" [NPC_:B4960731][00:00] NPC_ \ Packages \ PKID - Package -> [04960734] < Error: Could not be resolved >[00:00] NPC_ \ Packages \ PKID - Package -> [04960729] < Error: Could not be resolved >[00:00] MJBDarkwaterChildTorfi "Torfi" [NPC_:B4960731][00:00] NPC_ \ Items \ Item \ CNTO - Item \ Item -> [0496071F] < Error: Could not be resolved >[00:00] MJBDarkwaterChildTorfi "Torfi" [NPC_:B4960731][00:00] NPC_ \ Factions \ SNAM - Faction \ Faction -> [0496071D] < Error: Could not be resolved > Also tested the "without DBS" version : same report. I'm not the only one with this specific problem, here's a post on Nexus boards which suggest a fix (didn't worked for me but I did not insist and I may well have forgotten to do something). Is this patch necessary or just cosmetic ? (I'm tempted to just drop it for now).
  7. @Sharp I think this is what you're looking after.
  8. Small guide typo concerning the (great!) new Real Shelter addition : In the BOSS Masterlist rules section, the Guide is referencing "Real Shelter.esp" , the plugin itself is named "RealShelter.esp" (without spacing). -- Also regarding the first new rule : BUM currently already recognize RealShelter.esp, (it is sorted in the "ShaderReplacer" section), should we still add the current guide rule as an Override ? Thanks, and sorry for the nitpicking, the Devil lies in the details :: .
  9. Hi Neovalen, Looking inside the (last) premade CR Conflict Resolution in TESV Edit, It seems like I found a record which is overwriting one of Vividian ENB.esp change : screen (this record is the only odd occurrence that I can spot). No big deal but is it intentional or can I safely forward Vividian ENB plugin values ?
  10. Thanks for the explanation. It clarifies a lot. One last thought : Is this still true though when you organize your BSAs in the "Archive" tab of MO ? eg: Can the load order of "Archive" be different from the plugin load order (when there is still a plugin of course) ? If this is true then this would basically mean that the potential problem can also occur even without extracting BSAs right ? Sorry to be kind of nitpicking but I'd like to be sure to fully understand those sort of thing now '-'.
  11. I'm slightly confused now, I have the habit of always extracting BSAs (I prefer to see every conflicts and to keep only 1 ressources order list to manage) and I don't understand how that could be problematic with those script files. Don't they overwrite themselves even when they are still packaged into BSAs (as per MO's "Archive" tab load order) ?
  12. It should clean the file in place, after moving the untouched originals into TESV Edit Backup folder inside MO's Overwrite. Now If you want to keep your Data folder in its original state (which is the whole point of MO) you can "correct" this situation by adding the cleaned files of you Data folder as a new mod inside MO, and then restore the backups plugins (ex: Update.esm.backup) from Overwrites to the Data folder. Don't forget to rename the files to delete the ".backup" extension.
  13. Sounds obvious but if you use MO to manage your mods, be sure to load BUM through MO. Also be sure to have all your esps active on the plugin side of MO (right pane). If the rule you want to add is an "Override" then it means that the mod is already registered on the main userlist with a rule, hence not displaying on the left pane of BUM : add the override rule to the appropriate mod on the right pane (right click on the mod).
  14. Hello, While helping a friend of mine getting through the STEP Guide, we noticed one little thing (not a bug, but I figured this was also the guide feedback thread, correct me if i'm mistaken) : Under Section 2.D. Fixes, mod Weapon and Armor Fixes : the guide suggest in the special instructions page to add a LOOT meta rule (load Weapons & Armor_TrueOrcish&DaedricWeapons.esp after Weapons & Armor Fixes_Remade.esp). According to our finding, this rule no longer needs to be provided to LOOT, since the masterlist seems to have been updated accordingly.
  15. I'm afraid STEP will never ever release "a big .exe" or anything of the sort. Its either out of the scope of the project and not realistic considering the sheer complexity that it would induce (mod author authorization, keeping with the ever evolving modding scene of ES games to name a few). It goes against what STEP is all about : providing the user guide and support for a customized and up to date (as humanly possible) mod setup base. Actually the best part of STEP is that it expect/let the user learn the tools and the principles behind a clean and effective installation of mods which he can, in his turn, take advantage of to further customize his experience if need be. By the way if you don't think you have the time to learn how the manual texture optimization process works, I'd check Tony's great Optimized Vanilla Textures out.
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