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  1. I have tested this and it does indeed work. The new hook.dll also. I'm going to spread the word where I can ... Very cool that we can now compile scripts in MO! :)
  2. First - Arthmoor is pretty adamant about not unpacking bsa files Unofficials and others. I think STEP and MO should listen - he knows a lot about that kinda stuff :) What I did was to put the Unofficials in the skyrim/data folder so they could be ordered correctly in MO archive tab - When put into MO virtual directory you can't order the bsa's correctly and thus the idea of unpacking came in. Putting Unofficials into data removes the need. Here is a pic of my Archive tab in MO... It has been working fine for me. Notice the Unofficial High Res Patch is in MO not data folder as the esp is not a false esm and it follows install order too. The reason you can't order them correctly is because with the unofficials in MO and not data, they would only be able to order them after all files in the data folder, like the Unofficial High res patch.
  3. I finally updated to MO v1.1.1 This issue is still occurring. Has anyone else seen this? https://issue.tannin.eu/tbg/modorganizer/issues/490
  4. That is what you expect to see in the log. Mod Org places the Profile skyrim.ini so that tes5edit will "see" the file where it looks. Which is my games folder. The same way that skyrim looks into the data folder and "sees" the mods that MO places there virtually.
  5. Troubleshooting 101 - Check the last thing you touched! I doubt it's a corrupt hard drive memory ... whatever! Purple textures mean the texture is not there or misplaced - Flora Overhaul and SMIM (for interiors) have lots of files in many folders. Go through them manually and ensure you have everything where it needs to be. SMIM I know has had issues with fomod installing.. If you used external installer try the integrated fomod installer, or manual.
  6. I haven't updated to 1.1 yet and yes that's where the file is
  7. Mine is not installed in program files and I never used to have to run as admin and.... it didn't help in this situation anyway so... only started after 1.0.12 version of MO
  8. I've been seeing this also and running as admin didn't change it. The thing is .... it still runs fine. The warning is there, but the file is there, the file updates with changes, and I can run skyrim fine. I have changed profiles and with copying and with new but same issue - there is a ticket in the issue tracker. But not sure of status. I've been ignoring it for now as it seems to not cause problems running game. https://issue.tannin.eu/tbg/modorganizer/issues/495
  9. The query info thing will happen from time to time. In this case the mod author would need to change the file name. As it is MO sees the dashes and thinks that the mod id number is zero and the version is 7.49032 so the version should come after the id number. The first dash should be followed by the id and version after second dash. filename-49032-1-0-7 if the filename has version in it then usually underscore is used filname v_107-49032-1-0-7. Anyway you can ignore it - MO just informs you so you can ensure you have the correct file and not one that is old or deleted on the server, that kind of thing. For cleaned mod backups.... I usually move the folder out of overwrite after each cleaning and move the backup into each mods folder. For example I would clean the cloaks.esp and in overwrite the backup folder with cloaks.esp.backup ... I would move that folder to the Cloaks of skyrim folder in the left pane. Just drag and drop works. Then clean the next mod and repeat. edit: or what DoubleYou said :)
  10. I didn't see if this was mentioned earlier... If you run BOSS from MO it will add the bash tag information for all your mods.... then go to Wrye Bash and the auto feature in Bash Patch should work. You shouldn't have to add in mods to the bash patch manually - if you find you HAVE to then that esp has to be in (and only in) the skyrim/data folder not in MO virtual data. That way bash can see it. Again you shouldn't have to though. Also bash can't see outside the data folder (skyrim or MO) so navigating to MO/mods/ won't work You still need to clear out your data folder also - only the skyrim and dlc files should be in the skyrim/data folder. Some folks add the unofficials there also but nothing else. check out deathneko11's video tutorials also :)
  11. I'm thinking you still have the mods installed in the actual skyrim/data folder ?? MO then is showing you are duplicating / overwriting the same mod files in MO's virtual directory. If so - you need to clean out you data folder of everything except vanilla skyrim and DLC files. Otherwise you may have issues.
  12. The way I understand it ... is that mods are all different when it comes to the authors writing the fomod installer. Basically you are doing things right. If the MO integrated fomod installer (=true) cannot install or installs incorrectly - then try the external ncc (=false) installer. The way to check whether a mod installed correctly or not is to use the integrated installer and choose Manual on that window - then look at all the contents for the mod and check to see if what you expected is actually what installed. I often check out the manual install option for several reasons..... to check out mod options, look at folder structure, look at readme files, many times to move files to keep things in order (like readme into Docs folder). and of course you can complete the install from the manual window also. Immersive Armors is a good example on this. The external ncc installer only installed the one esp file and nothing else. I saw that and right away changed to the integrated installer which worked fine. I then re-ran the install and clicked manual to check everything out. For me that's just the way it is. One tool can't do it all - Mod Org however, puts all the tools in one place!!
  13. https://issue.tannin.eu/tbg/modorganizer/issues/495 issue 495 is about the missing modlist.txt error
  14. I just tried in new version 1.0.12 and same issue I guess I'll try to make a bug tracker thing - I'm assuming I have to login to that site to make a ticket? edit: made a ticket... #490 in bug tracker
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