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  1. thank you so much, you have been very helpful. I will keep doing my best of I hit a wall I will ask you again if you don't mind.
  2. thank you so much, it's really excellent post.. didn't take me much to figure it out.. I was confused with the slot names not matching TES5edit.. and you just explained it to me. thank you .. I'm trying every available slot to see how it work.. last thing: do I also need to edit the meshes with Nifskope, if I changed the slot form addon 6 to addon 14 for example ?
  3. Hi, I do have this small problem and I'm trying to work it. I have the leather Backpack https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13732 it's equipped in the same body slot for a piece of armor I wish to keep it also equipped with the leather backpack and not be removed.. they take the same slot, called: Body addon 6 now I tried to change this with TES5edit and I'm failing to understand how to make this possible. the piece of armor I'm mentioning here is a pauldron. I tried several times to give the Backpack a Decapitate slot, well the result is: I get the carrying capacity boost from the Backpack but I can't see it, it will not appear on my character! so what I'm doing wrong here? or can I get a guide on how to do this? I use MO of course, and I launch TES5edit from MO. thank you guys..
  4. no no sir you misunderstood me, not all of the community of this fine place it's just you and a 2 or 3 loud people like you. I don't mean to hurt you it just I want you to understand how I feel about it, keeping it honest as you may say.
  5. I honestly don't remember when STEP forum got hijacked by bunch of randoms who know nothing about Modding and only spread rumors and fears in the Community!! people look up to this Forum so if you have no experience in modding stop posting like you know a thing or two.
  6. I used to recommend guys who are facing mod difficulty to check this forum because of the helpful community here! apparently I was mistaken how helpful this community is! so much pretence comments I see.
  7. oh thank you for clearing this, this is very helpful. I use the Bashed Patch and FNIS also I had some logs with SKSE, it just when ever I have a generated file from one of these tools I create a mod for it or I take it and drop in the mod file (FNIS main mod folder) so I guess I was doing a good practice but I didn't know how it's work.. now I know, so overwrite folder is where these kept in.. I truly appreciate the time and the care you giving to explain this to me.
  8. thank you for the reply I have the overwrite Directory empty.. (I don't know what it's but every time I checked it, it appear empty
  9. thank you again GSDFan, you are a Great help.. I did exactly what you said and things looking very great.. you are absolutely correct to make Backup, I always backup my SSD, along with all my Games in it on a weekly bases. thank you again
  10. I have the same problem now with 1.0.12 trying to update to 1.1.1, I can't update through the Update button in MO.. even after I changed the workdarounds to 0.47.1, it promote me to the update windows and when I click yes nothing happen.. so can this method of updating showing in GSDFan post apply again to the same situation, I thought I check before I wreck (come on that's a good rhyme lol) I have downloaded the new update version I'm just waiting to go, so let me go Guys :) BTW: is it 0.47.0 or 0.47.1 ?
  11. okay, I changed the priority order in the installed mod list and the Warning gone.. and I should have tried that before I bother you guys :) thank you so much, I really thought I by now learned every thing about MO, but clearly I still have things to discover.. Â again please accept my thanksÂ
  12. I just discovered this actually will get triggered not by Boss or the load order of the plugin place of the Mods. it will get triggered by the installing and checking the SkyrBird mod. so it's just a reminder note or something like that I guess still any Idea if I'm correct or not, or should I ignore this!
  13. Potential Mod order problem:  "The conflict resolution order for some mods with scripts differs from the corresponding esp. This can lead to subtle, hard to locate bugs. You should re-order the affected mods. The following changes should fix the issue: Move When Vampires Attack after skyBirds - Airborne Perching Birds Move Amazing Follower Tweaks after When Vampires Attack" this note was triggered by MO after Boss made the Load Order like this: .. .. Name ... .. . . . .... ... .. .. ..... ..  priority . . SkyBirds - Airborne Perching Birds ........ 43 . . When Vampires Attack ....................... 67 .. . . .         Move Amazing Follower Tweaks after ... 100 doesn't make sense, right! so what MO talking about here! because "Amazing Follower Tweaks" is after "When Vampires Attack" and "when Vampire Attack" is after SkyBirs there was no overwriting files between any of these Mods. and they were checked by TES5Edit  should I just ignore MO, I love MO it's hard to ignore your loved one :P some help if you don't mind Guys will be very AppreciatedÂ
  14. common sense I hate this word lol well to me I have an awesome gaming experience with all my Games because simply I ask a lot lol I mean I will not do anything until I understand carefully how I should do it.. as for a person like me who gone  through ages not owning a PC and then buy a Gaming one I had to relay on my ignorant to read before exploring and exploring before experimenting.. this probably been easy for me because everything on the GamingPC world is new and exciting to read and watch videos about it.. thank you sir for the replay, GSDFan gave a working solution.Â
  15. thank you sir, it worked.. I haven't played the game yet but it's looks exactly the way it should.. Â thank you for the perfect instructions.Â
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