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  1. Aha! Found what was causing it. Static Mesh Improvement. Let me see if I can fix it now. looks like some people were having the same issue on the nexus forums. A fix has been posted. OK, SOLVED!
  2. oh yeah. oops. XD still need help though. :( Been trying to find mesh folders in the moss/dungeon/cave mods
  3. (SOLVED) Hi, I'm missing a texture/mesh for an edge of a rock. I've tried to locate it as mentioned in the sticky post, but I keep getting the wrong mesh/or something in the console. I'd really like some help, its proving to be frustrating :( see below for picture. I'm up to STEP 2.H, this image is from the Helgen Keep. [/img]
  4. It works! YAY! yep the box popped up with two options, I choose nxm as default and it is now connecting and downloading. thanks a bunch man! :D oh, and latest version.
  5. Firefox is default, sorry, I probably haven't been clear enough. :P On the nexus site, clicking the "download with manager" button does not work on Firefox, it doesn't load the mod for download. (I load MO, click the Earth Icon, go to the site, find the mod, click the green download with manager mod button, and nothing pops up, it doesn't load. Sending it to a new tab just gives me a white screen.) The globe icon on the right is greyed out, so something must be blocking it. Idk what though. It does work however on IE, (if I set it as default browser) hence why I was wondering if MO could load IE separately just for mod downloads. But no biggie, I'd just prefer it if I could use one browser for everything. :)
  6. So, is this still meant to be installed now? I'm trying to download the torrent but it is taking a century.
  7. Hi, I've tried everything, antivirus, smartscreen, firewall, messing with the settings in the browser, but I can't seem to get Firefox to work when you click on "download with manager". Its so strange, it was working a few weeks ago just fine. is there a way that MO can open a different browser for downloads, say, I.E, so I can download mods with the above option? Its not preferred, as it doesn't run BOSS in the best way...but suggestions are welcome. argh, so tedious. thanks alternatively, anyone got any other suggestions for getting Firefox to work with the download button?
  8. what I meant was, can we now use MO for the "download to manager" from the nexus site? I'm doing a second run through of STEP, much prefer it to be connected properly to the nexus the time round.
  9. any ideas when the NExus website will be stable again? should I wait before install STEP>?
  10. ok, im getting alot of stuttering and frame rate changes, 60, 52, 42 49, 55, etc. Also getting freezes when entering or leaving some buildings. (Infinte loading screen) il put it up and see what happens.
  11. Ok, just did a test with those settings. 3072 Video and 512 reserved, this test is the Intro all the way to the bit where you get off the cart. In'st 3gb of VRAM the max? it was pretty close to it the whole way through. Any suggestions? there was the intial FPS drop when all the mod settings are being sorted, and another larger one when I came through the gate, just before the "Look at him, General tulius/hatred/etc" :D [/img]
  12. Hi, I have x2 GTX 780s each with 3GB of VRAM, along with 16GB of System RAM. For setting up the settings in the ENBlocal.ini, How much should I give to these two? ReservedMemorySizeMb= VideoMemorySizeMb= sorry if this is obvious, but with SLI, do use 6GB of VRAM? cheers
  13. thanks for the heads up. Ill change the batch file and keep going. Got all the step mods already + some other ones, hopefully it all works out.
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