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  1. So I have some good news and bad news... Good news: -dyndolod doesn't take hours anymore its more like 5-10 minutes again since i turned a lot of stuff down and used billboards instead -I think i found out why those whiterun stable trees dont render from far away: explanation- The tree mod causing the issue is this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/16230?tab=description "whiterun trees overhaul", turns out when i checked the download file it literally only includes a esp file and not any textures,billboard or lod files. I checked its requirements and found out that "Skyrim 3D trees and plants" was a optional file to work alongside it, but I already have a another skyrim tree model replacer mod - "Veydogolt Trees" and it includes its own billboard and lod files for generation which actually works ingame for other trees outside whiterun but for some reason it doesn't work for the "whiterun trees overhaul". "Skyrim 3D trees and plants" also has its own files needed for lod and texgen so i can assume this is why those trees are not showing up at all, which makes sense now. Veydogolt Trees has its own whiterun tree addition mod - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/63251 which i will be trying next to see if anything changes with the render distance. Bad news: -Tree still doesn't render from far(i will be changing tree mods for the reason stated above so this issue in not that problematic anymore) -Whiterun walls seem to be flickering in and out of 2 textures or something see video for reference: https://imgur.com/a/xvJkyhW I'll be back to report my testing to see if the other whiterun tree mod has the same issue. Thanks for the help so far i really appreciate it.
  2. I read and did everything from the out of memory usage link and for some reason my dyndolod takes so many hours to complete now when generating tamriel lod. I literally couldn't post here until it was done and i still get the access violation error and out of memory messages in log. I lowered the OcclusionMaxThreadsObjectLOD to 1 as stated on the site, I have no clue if its a corrupted plugin as I have never had that problem before when using dyndolod and when i ran the script to check if there was something wrong with the plugins in xedit i got so many messages from every mod which i didnt really know what to fix or if anything need fixing since i didnt have any problems when playing before, also i saw somewhere that i shouldn't just clean mods if i dont know what im doing as some mods are not supposed to be cleaned since they contain records that would break the mod if cleaned. All i can do now is just show you my logs because im honestly really tired at this point and im thinking of just getting rid of the tree mod all together since it has caused me to much issues that are not worth the time and i dont feel like waiting another 6 hours for dyndolod to process tamriel lod again which is still ridiculous, never had it run that slow before. Sorry for bothering this is the last straw for me, if you can still help im up for it but if theres nothing else to suggest i will just be removing the tree mod from my load order and call it a day. DyndolodSSE.log- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zL8wrFDBmlR41_3PIb6MPsq-9YRfG6Ic/view?usp=sharing DyndolodDebug.log-https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aTQlGph3W2FecNI8AlMZYI4SE281xtrV/view?usp=sharing
  3. I have a pic of the tree while using more informative console: also i should've mentioned this before but i am getting a error while running dyndolod now after a hour of running it: [Window Title] DynDOLOD [Main Instruction] Error processing object quad [-24,4] Access violation at address 0000000000417B8E in module 'DynDOLODx64.exe'. [Content] Read of address 0000000DB7321004. Click on this link for additional explanations and help for this message [OK] [Exit DynDOLOD] [Footer] Online Help | Support Forum | Copy message to clipboard I checked this for help and disabled my antivirus which didnt work it still gives me the error from above. I never had that error from dyndolod until now i dont know if its possibly from my grass cache files or not but this is a relatively new issue as dyndolod used to finish fully and allow me to zip and exit. I used texgen so the tree billboards should be there i am not a expert on how everything works but i really just followed the dyndolod 3.0 tutorial all the way through with minor changes according to my tree mod which i had to change some dyndolod rules for but everything else is copied directly from guide. Edit: I dont know if this is helpful but i kept the dyndolod messages console up and i noticed these warnings : <Warning: Error when loading "meshes\terrain\Tamriel\objects\Tamriel.4.-20.-20.bto": Error reading NIF block 100 BSSubIndexTriShape: Out of memory> [1:18:16] <Warning: Error when loading "meshes\terrain\Tamriel\objects\Tamriel.4.-20.-32.bto": Error reading NIF block 69 BSSubIndexTriShape: Out of memory> [1:18:16] <Warning: Error when loading "meshes\terrain\Tamriel\objects\Tamriel.4.-32.28.bto": Error reading NIF block 111 BSSubIndexTriShape: Out of memory> [1:18:16] <Warning: Error when loading "meshes\terrain\Tamriel\objects\Tamriel.4.36.-28.bto": Error reading NIF block 135 BSSubIndexTriShape: Out of memory> [1:18:16] <Warning: Error when loading "meshes\terrain\Tamriel\objects\Tamriel.4.-44.4.bto": Error reading NIF block 163 BSSubIndexTriShape: Out of memory> [1:18:16] <Warning: Error when loading "meshes\terrain\Tamriel\objects\Tamriel.4.36.-32.bto": Error reading NIF block 171 BSSubIndexTriShape: Out of memory> [1:18:16] <Warning: Error when loading "meshes\terrain\Tamriel\objects\Tamriel.4.36.-12.bto": Error reading NIF block 139 BSSubIndexTriShape: Out of memory>
  4. For some reason i keep getting this weird tree render distance issue where certain whiterun trees does not render until i get super close as seen in this video: I have tried everything from increasing render distance in beth.ini to max and running dyndolod according to this guide here https://github.com/LivelyDismay/Learn-To-Mod/blob/main/lessons/DynDOLOD 3.0 and Grass Cache.md. These are the tree mods i have : Trees addon SE :https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22053 Veydogolot Trees: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/62414 whiterun's tree overhaul: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/16230 I set the rules in dyndolod to what trees addon sse recommended. Im at a loss at this point i have tried everything i can think of but i cannot solve this issue here: https://imgur.com/a/c9NUqVF Any help would be greatly appreciated
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