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  1. I downloaded BethINI about a month ago, when I was still using Vortex. I set my INI path to "Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition". I am now using MO2 and I just saw a comment on Reddit where someone suggested using BethINI for performance and mentioned they had found they had set it up wrong. So I went looking, and now I see I need to set my INI path to "ModOrganizer>Default". However, when I select the drop-down for INI path, there is no option for that--just "Browse..." I read that BethINI will ask you for an INI path when you first install it, so I deleted BethINI, downloaded it again, and reinstalled it. All my paths were the same as they'd been before. How do I get my INI path to be ModOrganize > Default now?
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