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  1. One more question. How much should a tree have tris? 10-15k will be ok or it's too much?
  2. I've trying to make trees, so I used speedtrees to create first tree. I've exported tree model to .obj format and textures in png. After it i converted png to dds. In blender I checked tree, connected alfa channel and it looks like good. Then I've exported from blender .obj and opened in NifScope, so all was ok, but then I started to put textures I fond problem Here you can see black color around leafs, so how can I fix it and remove this black color? Maybe something wrong with textures ?
  3. What is the best program for tree modeling for skyrim?
  4. What about this place ? Can it be because of stairs ?
  5. But I fond a new problem, npcs stopped to walking in vanilla places, I didnt touch navmeshes in that area. How to fix it?
  6. The problem was - crossing cells. I've already fix it
  7. Hello! When I am trying to create navmesh in a certain place - it's move to the side On 0:12 you can see how I am trying to make navmesh but it's flies, what is the problem ? How to fix it?
  8. Hello! When I selected plugins and started to modify it all ok, but when i trying to add more plugins to existing plugins I got crash with this error
  9. The big problem is too much grass in objects which I modified. That's why I wanted to remove grass only in that places
  10. I want to remove grass in a certain place, not all grass
  11. Hello guys, grass mods add to much grass everywhere and some places look like very laggy and badly. Especially homes and other expansions. All grass removing mods on nexus do not remove place which I want to remove. How can I remove grass by myself ? (Not pines and bushes, I want to remove common grass) I've already tried in creation kit, but I can't find how to do this.
  12. I've already tried, but nothing changed
  13. Is It possible to increase LOD distance? I mean when I came closer to the trees - it became full quality, so is it possible to do it in a far distance ? I've already generated LOD. Maybe any settings ?
  14. Hi guys! I've generated LOD for skyrim, but trees look very bad in a far distance. When I come closer it become good quality, how can I do good quality for a log distance ? I used Happy little trees mod and Veydogolt trees which have Ultra 3d trees LOD. My DynDOLOD settings which I used to generate LOD
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