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  1. Hello, Yes, so that was the weird thing, there were no logs generated at all from MO2 or xLODGen64. My antivirus was blocking it. I already had the exception for MO2 but had to make one for xLODGen64 itself as well. Bitdefender is a little protective. It appears to be all good now.
  2. Hello, So, I'm having a strange issue. I have followed the whole guide for SSE, and now I've gotten to the part where I need to run XLODGen. I have everything setup correctly and other programs work from within MO2, but when I try and run XLODGen from within MO2, it doesn't load. It locks MO2 and then about 30 seconds later, it goes right back to MO2 and refreshes it. XLodGen works fine outside of MO2, and defaults to FO4. I have tried changing the file name and doing it that way, and nothing seems to work. Any ideas?
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