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  1. Again, sorry for the late response. I solved the issue by raising the gamma of LOD32 in xLODgen. Now the maps snow is fine and in-game looks good as well.
  2. You were correct, I fixed the issue by running xLODgen. Sorry for the late response. However I now have a new issue, my world map snow appears to be darker than the snow on the mountains inside the map. Is this something I can fix by raising the gamma of LOD32?
  3. Hi all, After using an automatic parallax patcher for Better Dynamic Snow 2, my distant snow has a strong blue tinge to it that goes away when I get closer. I thought it was possibly related to my DynDOLOD however when disabling DynDOLOD entirely, the issue persists. Before using this patcher I had no issues with this. When disabling the patch esp that was generated, the issue still persists. Although I noticed the issue in far-away snow, it seems to show up in footprints and other smaller areas. If anyone has dealt with a similar issue before or has any insight on what it could be, help would be greatly appreciated. Modlist is linked below https://modwat.ch/u/Ragnarok007 Thanks everyone
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