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  1. It doesn't appear to be the ENB, there's little change when I turn it on/off.. If it's not the ENB, what next? Cheers for your help
  2. Never mind, I found it, but it still didn't change anything. I even quickly swapped to the light and heavy ENB settings and didn't get a different result. I can't see anything that seems relevant in the STEP patches pertaining to torches Here's what I'm seeing... Looks pretty dark, right? Any idea what else I could be missing? Thanks,
  3. Hi guys, sorry for my lack of knowledge, but where would I change the complexparticlelights setting?
  4. Hi! I've been playing a STEP playthrough for a few weeks, and everything is working great, except one thing that keeps bugging me. Torchlight from held torches (Player or NPC) is barely noticeable in exterior locations. There will be a slight illumination of the face and immediate surroundings, but in pitch-black locations a torch barely helps at all. Torches in interiors are more noticeable, but the light is pretty washed out and still barely there. Is there a setting that I've missed, or is this by design? I've installed the Lighting & Weather section, and the Post Processing section. I'm using the Milk Drinker ENB setting.
  5. I've not too long ago successfully installed the STEP guide, and everything is working perfectly. I'm now wanting to put my own stamp on the mod-list without breaking anything. I realise STEP is all about keeping things as vanilla as possible, which I agree with, but I'd love to add a bit more flair to my umpteenth playthrough Before embarking on the STEP guide, I'd had my eye on the complimentary series of Mods by Vokrii + Odin creator Enai Siaion. They were all billed as being "vanilla plus" mods, and were exactly what I was wanting from an Anniversary Edition playthrough, so I was happy they were included in the STEP guide. The mods in question are: Morningstar - The race rework Evenstar - The standing stones rework Smilodon - The combat rework Growl - The werebeast rework Trua - The shrine blessings rework My question is, do you think installing any of the above would break anything?
  6. By all means, debate away! It's an interesting discussion, I feel more knowledgeable just from reading your exchanges. Just wanted to check back in to say that I have benchmarked, added an ENB, and added all the LODS. Everything appears to be working perfectly! I've been trying to get a Mod list that was just right since November (2x on my own, 1x using that "collections" feature on Vortex, and now finally success with STEP!), and STEP feels just right! I'm so glad I can finally start playing this damned game again! Keep up the good work, it's much appreciated.
  7. Gentlemen, you've been so great in helping me get this sorted, I cannot thank you enough. I guess I'll stick with my current tool setup then? I did get started on the benchmarking process last night, and everything seemed fine, so hopefully I'm good to go. I might even be able to push my meagre system to go for the milk-drinker ENB settings after it hit well over 95+ average frames on medium BethINI settings!! I'll be sure to let you know if I'm successful in the end. This has all been very informative at least, sorry for not paying greater attention to the instructions. Thank you all for your input!
  8. Thank you both! It appears that I must have missed a couple of things during the install process, as I'd downloaded the mods in question but hadn't installed them. After actually installing the missing mods (), Skyrim boots up fine with everything activated! I put my error down to the stop-start nature of how I've been doing it, I've obviously rushed to install everything since I only have limited time each night. Plus, I wasn't taking the specific wording of the guide literally enough, which is my own fault The last thing that stumps me now is the files in overwrite directory. The only thing in there appears to be "SKSE/Plugins/Fuz Ro D'oh.ini", which appears to have been created a couple nights ago when I first booted the game after disabling Cathedral. As far as I understand, files are created when booting the game by certain mods? Is Fuz Ro D'oh one of them? If it has something to do with my tool setup, I was a little unsure about the directions it gives. It then proceeds to provide instructions on how to set up xEdit specifically, and then only lists what arguments to supply for the other 3 tools and doesn't make mention of what boxes to tick (like "Create files in mod instead of overwrite") I realise I might be overthinking it, but since I've already made one error, this could be another one! If it doesn't say anything needs ticking, then I don't tick anything? Or do I do as the quote implies and set up each tool exactly the same as xEdit? Hopefully though, those missing masters were the sole cause for concern, and I can carry on with benchmarking process. You have both saved me countless nights of trial and error, and I am forever grateful! I apologise for my own ineptitude, ubt please let me know if my tool setup worries are with or without merit.
  9. Sorry, I guess I was a bit vague in my initial post! The game crashes while the gear is spinning in the corner with the Skyrim logo showing in the centre, before displaying the main menu. Everything was cleaned, as per instruction, and any "dirty" downloaded mods were cleaned also. I performed the Game Launch Test earlier in the guide, and it all went smoothly. I've sorted with LOOT multiple times. The step where it says to enable all plugins had a me a little confused. Does that mean I enable the ones I'd specifically disabled according to the mod install instructions, or just make sure everything apart from those are enabled? There are 2x errors listed in MO2, one is "there are files in your overwrite directory" and the other is "missing masters" (Elemental_Staffs.esp + Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp + Oakwood.esp + WACCF_Armor and Clothing Extension.esp) The errors on LOOT are all referring to the missing masters above, which the guide says to ignore? I loaded Cathedral Weathers in xEdit, and there were no errors I didn't have the stomach to load all the other plugins in xEdit right now, after checking "Skyrim.esm" and finding 323 errors, but would LOOT point to something being amiss without the need to manually go through each one? If you think it might be the cause, I guess I'd be up for going through them all. If an error is found, what steps would I take to fix them? Are any errors "purposeful", as the guide suggests to ignore LOOT errors. Would the same thing apply here? Ok. But strictly speaking you can't simply disable Cathedral Weathers, as the STEP Lighting & Weather patch depends on it. So I assume you disabled it too, right? I admit, I just disabled Cathedral to try and find a reason for the CTD, and didn't disable anything else. I didn't attempt to start a new save or anything either. If it comes to it, what would be the best method for going through all the steps again? Is it a simple case of going through my downloads list and reinstalling everything? Or am I best off purging everything and starting from scratch? I appreciate your input!
  10. I've finally gotten through the mod install process, and gotten to the stage where we start testing/benchmarking everything. Upon attempting to open SSE, I get a CTD. After some searching the forums, I first looked at my Crash Log, and couldn't make any sense of it. I then started disabling whole mod groups to find the culprit, and I found it instantly. As soon as I disabled Cathedral Weathers and Seasons, the game booted fine. I'm pretty sure I followed every step to the letter, disabling plugins when asked and installing the right files, and I've re-downloaded and re-installed the mod with no success (I'm not going to be using an ENB, so skipped any mods or options that referred to post-processing) What could be the cause? I've obviously done something wrong, and I'll gladly have somebody point it out to me, but I'd really like to fix that one thing instead of reinstalling everything. (I've been doing this over the course of weeks, stealing the odd hour or two each night after my daughter goes to sleep!) Any ideas? Here's my crash log if you're interested:
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