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  1. I just overlooked hotfix on bruma's page.
  2. Turned out bruma have patch as separate archive, nevermind.
  3. With bruma checkboxed im getting error unresolved form id. What should i do about it? Manual suggest to fix error, but it kind of strange if bruma creators overlooked such error.
  4. What information do you need? Im using vortex, skyrim ae last patch. Should i grab from log all lines with "Finished LOD level " and remove files by this list?
  5. Same here, didnt expected xlodgen will output files to game's folder. Is it good idea to remove all .btr files?
  6. Yes, load order is file just like you say, rwt2 and all fixed after it.
  7. Its sorted by installation time.
  8. Upgraded Water Effects Brightness and Reflection Fix to 0.4 from 0.3 recently might be case, patch installed after i encounter what problem and have read dyndolod faq.
  9. I got it once and cant reproduce. Something about opengl. Probably not what important. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_HkG6XdunxIAPLK9udoKEpm5zFCxhwV4/view?usp=sharing
  10. What was tedious, but here is list: Tamriel.8.-24.-16.bto Tamriel.8.-32.-8.bto Tamriel.16.-32.0.bto Tamriel.16.-48.0.bto Tamriel.16.-48.-16.bto Without this files water is ok. Seems like scale and coordinates. Tried old lodgen\texgen (no error this time) on new resources, problem still here.
  11. Seems so. All return 1. So, should you give link to prev resource archive? Older texgen raise error on new resources.
  12. Seems ok. I have no such entries in skyrim.ini Adding doesnt help. Im pressing medium preset, should be default tree lods.
  13. Yeah, water is fine without DynDOLOD_Output enabled. If so water should be ok with dyndolod plugins disabled, right? But with disabled plugins it is still ugly and became ok with mesh folder removed. Or DynDOLOD_Output disabled in vortex. I tried remove recent mods but problem still here, so i kind of tend to blame recent dyndolode update, should you give me alpha 25 resources archive version?
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