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    Legacy of the Dragonborn (Skyrim), Kaidan (Skyrim), Ethereal Chest (Skyrim), Skjell Castle (Skyrim)
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    In Surviving Mars, it's the Martian Car Wash. Does a great job on your vehicles and your drones!

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  1. Hello, All: I'm Shezza. Greetings from Canada! I'm writing today to find help with the mod Septimuus 3. Every time I go to play, it shuts itself down. I believe the problem to be with my MO2's GUI (Graphic User Interface.) I also suspect that antivirus and my MO2 are having a difference of opinion. I have two questions. One: Can one fix this problem on one's own? Two: Is it possible to redownload Septimus through Nexus and not use Wabbajack? Thank you kindly for your time. I remain, Sincerely yours always, Shezza.
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