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  1. Sorry if this has been posted about before -- I am new to Skyrim modding and using ENBs, so I didn't really know what to search in order to find my exact issue. (Is Draw Distance the right terminology?) There's what looks to be like a certain range within my character that the ENB is actually applied, and everything outside of that range is obscured, almost like a fog of war type effect. This leads to a really annoying effect during night time where there's a constant solid barrier of darkness in front of me that moves when I move. Is there any way I can eliminate this effect, or perhaps increase the distance at which this effect occurs so that it's not so obvious? I've attached a video demonstrating this -- you can see it both on the house as I turn and move away, and on the stairs on the left of the screen. Also, I forgot to show it in the video, but the effect goes away when I turn off ENB with Shift+F12, so I think the issue is definitely related to the ENB.
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