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  1. Okay. Any idea if I need to uninstall Skyrim from Steam, since I used halgari's downgrade patcher on the existing .exe, or if I can just update Skyrim to the latest 1.6.x version?
  2. Unfortunately, I quit Skyrim a while before AE, and if I still have a copy of the old .exe, I don't know where it is I want to make sure I understand this right. Are you saying you manually rename whichever copy of the Skyrim folder you're using to "Skyrim Special Edition" when you want to use it?
  3. Is it possible to install two instances of the Skyrim base game -- one for AE and one back-patched to SE? As I understand it, a lot of mods still aren't compatible with AE, and I'd like to at least have an instance using the 1.5.97 Skyrim.exe so I can run them. How would I go about installing a second copy of Skyrim? The best I can think of is copying the whole current Skyrim directory to a "Skyrim SE" folder outside of my Steam folder, uninstalling and reinstalling the game in Steam, then, in MO2, pointing my first instance to the current (AE) Skyrim.exe in the Steam common folder, and my second instance to the copy of Skyrim.exe in my "Skyrim SE" folder. Am I close/would this work?
  4. Thanks for your help, it looks like the old patch worked. Unfortunately, now the Lighting & Weather patch from the Nexus page doesn't work, I assume because it's for the 2.0.0 version as well :/
  5. I'm fine with doing a full downgrade to 1.5.97 with no 1.6 content. Is it possible to run the downgrade patcher again, if Skyrim is already installed and downgraded? And will changing the Skyrim exe require a full reinstall of everything set up in MO2, or is it enough for everything to point to Skyrim.exe as long as it exists in the proper directory?
  6. The Step patch and Oakwood are the only ones I have, AFAIK, that aren't compatible with pre-AE. If this is the file archive you're talking about, I don't see a way to download any of the previous file versions. The section header says, "The files in this section are for reference only and are no longer supported by the mod author. Please ensure you are using the latest version before asking for support with this mod." If I try to expand the 1.x.x patches, it looks like it only gives a changelog entry. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/31054/?tab=files&category=archived EDIT: I'm also wondering how I didn't have this problem in my first attempt installing Step last week, unless I just installed/configured the Step CR patch incorrectly in the first place.
  7. https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/SkyrimSE:1.0.0 "WARNING: This guide is NOT compatible with SkyrimSE 1.6.x (Anniversary Edition compatibility update). To use this guide, you MUST have a copy of SkyrimSE 1.5.97 prior to the Steam update."
  8. What I mean is, I'm following the 1.5.97 guide here on the site. When it links me to the Step Patch CR page on Nexus, the only patch available to download, as far as I can tell, is 2.0.0. If this is a patch that only works with AE, is the last available 1.5.97-compatible patch available for download somewhere? If not, is the 1.5.97 Step guide simply unusable anymore?
  9. I'm following the 1.5.97 guide. Maybe I have the wrong Step patch, but the only "Main" file on the Nexus page is v 2.0.0, and the archives only list the old patches, they're not available for download. FYI, I used the downgrade patch "best of both worlds" version to set up Skyrim. As I understand it, it's supposed to patch the .exe back to 1.5.97 but leave in the CC content from 1.6.x. Is something in the Step patching process reading this as a 1.6 exe or something?
  10. I'm trying to install the Step modlist for the second time (after TexGen wouldn't work, I deleted the instance and started with a clean install). This time I'm having a problem I didn't have last time: LOOT is telling me I'm missing required .es* files for (Step Patch - CR - TCIY.esp), (TCIY_CRF_Patch.esp), (Step Patch - CR - CCOR.esp), (Step Patch - CR - CACO.esp), and (Step Patch - Conflict Resolution.esp). I checked my modlist against the Step guide, and I'm not missing any mods as far as I can tell. Here are the relevant screenshots. What am I missing here?
  11. I've been following the STEP guide carefully, AFAIK set up all the folders as it told me to, but when I get to "Step 5 - Run TexGen", I get the error: Error: Invalid installation path D:\Mods Master\MO2 Games Tools\DynDOLOD Do not install DynDOLOD Standalone into special Windows folders like Documents, Downloads or Desktop. Any idea what's going on?
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