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  1. For anyone that may stumble upon this post, I fixed this by disabling SSR in skyrimprefs.ini (set bScreenSpaceReflectionEnabled to 0).
  2. As the title says when I leave castle volkihar and return to skyrim all the water is glowing green (and if I return to ccastle volkihar again the water is glitched there too), the issue persists even if I turn off ENB, the issue goes away if I restart the game though until I go to castle volkihar again, my mod list: https://pastebin.com/hTtin3P1 Specs: GPU: RTX 2060 6GB CPU: Ryzen 3 3100 RAM: 16GB DDR4 MOBO: ASUS B450M
  3. Just coming back to report that everything is working nicely now, thanks for all the help sheson!
  4. Yeah, but I'll have to regenerate anyway due to those persistent LODs that I was having before, right? I've updated the tool and it's resources also.
  5. I'm using Rudy enb if that's relevant.
  6. Another thing actually, you say change but generating takes a long time so it's better if I know exactly how each of these settings affect how the grass look, what raising or lowering these numbers do, I guess GrassBrightnessTop and GrassBrightnessBottom will lower brightness if I lower the 3 RGB values but what about Direct and Ambient?
  7. Ok! I'm gonna go over the process of running texgen (to fix the bright grass) and dyndolod again and will report if any new problems arise, thanks for the patience.
  8. Nevermind, I'm stupid Here's both:
  9. I did that already and nothing came up, not even the base ID came up as matter of fact.
  10. Alright, searched both references on the editor ID search bar and nothing came up, what do I do now?
  11. Why would you look up a reference in SSEEdit anyway? That wording is very vague, anyway, I couldn't find this editor ID, also nothing in that reference ID matches with anything on any Dyndolod plugin, if you could screenshot the information that you need that would be great.
  12. What do you mean point to a Dyndolod plugin? As in a Dyndolod esp/esm? In the image it seems to point to both it's esm and esp for base and reference, don't know which of those is the relevant one so which should I open in SSEEdit?
  13. Whiterun LOD won't go away even with tll, note the floating object here is gone since it's LOD that was loaded at this distance. Info on this persistent LOD model. Info on that floating object persistent LOD model. The LOD model viewed from afar has no form ID (used tfc to get close obviously). If I delete all content inside my Dyndolod (the tool, not the output) folder and extract the updated version there will it cause issues then?
  14. Here's the thing, this object is floating in both ugrids and LOD space (or whatever you call them), in ugrids space it definitely has a form ID (that I can disable with console too if I want, in which case the object only appears as LOD) and the LOD doesn't like you said, I remember that it pointed Dyndolod as reference, I'll have to open the game and screenshot this additional info though. In regards to grass, do I need to run Dyndolod again after regenerating TexGen? Because it takes almost 2 hours to do it's thing, and my pc is not a potato by any means either. Another thing, does updating Dyndolod comes with any caveat? Do I just overwrite it's tool's files?
  15. Ran the tool again without changing anything and had no errors, but there's a problem that persists a lot in my load order which is grass that is about 2~3 times brighter than regular non-LOD grass, a floating object close to the guard tower where you fight the first dragon in Whiterun and also the LOD on Whiterun's exteriors not unloading (already did the things suggested in the FAQ, enabled dynamic LOD when generating and I have no uLockedObjectMapLOD=32 setting in Skyrim.ini, setting uLargeRefLODGridSize to 5 didn't help either, granted, there was no flickering to begin with as Whiterun's LOD is larger than it's actual model), all these issues are illustrated in this album: https://imgur.com/a/gWUTSW2 Modlist:https://pastebin.com/DRMA9MzE Other Logs: https://ufile.io/f/qtanx bugreport.txt
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