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  1. I can get the game to launch if I untick Alternate Start and Cutting room floor. Is there a posted search procedure for back tracking the build to discover the my faults. I have used these guides several times over the years. So, they function, I apparently do not, this time. Crash Logger,Footprints will also stop launch. Thank you in advance.
  2. Thanks. I am unsure as to what he crash log puts out. UniqueMapWeatherFramework.logUnequipQuiverSE.logStormLightningPlugin.logSSEDisplayTweaks.logskse64_steam_loader.logskse64_loader.logskse64.logskee64.logpo3_Tweaks.logpo3_SpellPerkItemDistributor.logpo3_SimpleOffenceSuppression.logPapyrusUtilDev.logNo Lockpick Activate.logMoreInformativeConsole.logmoreHUDIE.logMCMHelper.logMapMarkerFramework.logMagExtender.logHorseStaminaHUD.logFuz Ro D-oh.logFixNotesForSkyUI.logExATKDataPlugin.logEVLaS.logEngineFixes.logDP_Extender.logCrashLogger.logYesImSure.log This is what shows up. Also if I tick Crash Logger on, the game will not load. I am assuming that I have sharpened the wrong end of the pencil.
  3. Boot Skyrim SE/AE through Mo2 and Skse64_loader. Error Message that a DLL plugin has failed to load. CrashLogger.dll: couldn't load plugin (0000007E) In side crash logger couldn't load plugin 126 (handle 1) Reinstalled CrashLogger mod, no joy. Suggestions?
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