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  1. I am having some trouble now with alpha 93. The diffuse texture atlas is fine but the normal map atlas is coming out as a tiny 4x4 pixel image for some reason. Here are the logs and one pair of atlases: https://ufile.io/f/0qvmv
  2. Still the same result. Vertex colors are dropped at LOD8+: https://ufile.io/f/ntm43
  3. Here are the logs and more examples of .bto files where vertex colors are being lost. https://ufile.io/f/jgnqu What is confounding me is that some objects are retaining vertex colors as they should, but others are not.
  4. Same result. I updated to alpha 89 as well just in case. Not sure which logs to post since I can't find anything useful in them.
  5. Hi sheson, I've got another problem. This one might be related to xlodgen since I had the same problem when I was using that, so I included the lodgen log file as well. The issue is that some generated lod meshes are losing their vertex colors at lod8 and above. I have included examples. Both levels use the same nifs for these objects so it's not that. And you can see in the lodgen log that vertex colors are enabled for each level. https://ufile.io/f/rlvdr I noticed I am now one version behind on DynDOLOD but I didn't see anything in the changelog that looks related to this issue. Let me know if you think trying again with alpha 89 may help.
  6. Ah, reading always helps 😅 The problem turned out to be DynDOLOD was pulling the old textures from my data/textures/lod folder, so I had to clear that out too. Thanks
  7. Hi sheson, I am still having this problem in alpha 88. I believe I have all the correct log files this time: https://ufile.io/f/313sb
  8. No, I just like to have an uncluttered data folder, and many of those files aren't useful for our purposes.
  9. Okay thanks! I have another question--since Skywind is a total conversion mod, is there a way I can run DynDOLOD without the "core files" that are not applicable to our build?
  10. Ah I see. Here is the log from that session: https://ufile.io/3hlqb8ts It's a bit of a mess at the moment, there are many outstanding warnings that I am in the process of fixing. Those wooden pole textures and env2d_chim_vivecwallplaster_decal_2x4lod.dds are the culprits. I only used TexGen for trees, these were done by DynDOLOD.
  11. Here are the logs and texture atlas: https://ufile.io/f/j8q7h
  12. Some of the textures in my object LOD atlas are 1/4 the size that they should be, with the rest of the space filled in with black (see attached image). What might be causing this? I haven't found anything in the docs or the logs that might indicate this kind of behavior. I am using DynDOLOD 3.00 Alpha 87
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