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  1. I restarted my laptop and I don't get the error anymore when running texgen.
  2. Sorry it slipped my mind. Here they are. Its not the same issue as that other person, as my integrated GPU is enabled and updated to latest driver, same with my GPU. Plus if I want ultra trees, I know I need to enable hd trees within texgen, but do I disable regular tree lod as well and thus only have hd trees enabled or should I have both enabled for ultra trees? Thanks. TexGen_SSE_log.txt TexGen_SSE_Debug_log.txt
  3. Plus if I want ultra trees, I know I need to enable hd trees within texgen, but do I disable regular tree lod as well and thus only have hd trees enabled or should I have both enabled for ultra trees? Thanks.
  4. I downloaded a retexture mod for moonpath to elsweyr and I'm greeted by this message when trying to run texgen : [Window Title] TexGen [Main Instruction] Error: OpenGL: invalid enumerant. [Exit TexGen] [Footer] Online Manual | Support Forum | Copy message to clipboard.
  5. I had incorrectly configured Ini's. I went and removed grass fade from bethIni following this guide https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/SkyrimSE:Grass_LOD_Guide. Do you know if I need to precache grass again every time I change the ini settings within Bethini? Or do I just need to regen dyndolod to have the proper ini's apply? Thanks.
  6. Thank you for the response, double you. I'm using this guide :https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/SkyrimSE:Grass_LOD_Guide I figured out how to disable grass fade, but not sure on configuring on the other ini's. I'm using SE. Plus If i'm using ultra trees within dyndolod 3.0 (run at high settings) is there any point in using bethini medium for tree detail? I notice there's pop in sometimes with trees. I don't know if its due to bethini settings or the fact i have EFPS (which utilizes occlusion planing in exterior worldspaces).
  7. Hello y'all. So I'm using ngio to generate grass lod for dyndolod 3.0. I'm following the step guide. It says to configure the ini using bethini. I'm a bit confused about some of these things. Specifically where to configure bAllowcreategrass, bAllowLoadGrass, BenableGrassfade,f Grassfade range, fgrassmaxstartfadedistance, fgrassmaxstartfadedistance,fgrassstartfade distance. I don't know where to find these. I was able to configure the terrain settings in bethini but not these. Plus I already precached grass using different bethini settings, do I need to precache grass again every time I change the ini settings? So should I precache grass again to the step guide? Or can I just change the relevant ini settings and run dyndolod over? Thanks.
  8. yeah I was being an absolute mad man. Amazed my lil laptop didn't burn my house down. So I just gimped my load order from 800 mods to 400. Got rid of all the superfluous stuff I didn't really need. I'm running my game on dyndo ultra with grass lod mode 2, with bethini medium settings, display tweaks and fps stabilizer, the most recent xlod settings from the step guide and skyland. I turned off v sync through display tweaks and bethini and use adaptive through nvidia. It plays much much better than before and actually looks better as well. I can play at a smooth 60 fps most of the time (there's Still stuttering, but actually playable this time). I hope if I just cap my fps to 35-40, I might be able to use dyndolod grass mode 2 without stuttering. I'm almost positive that dyndolod grass mode 2 is the biggest performance hit, as step guide says to use dyndolod grass mode 1 for sake of performance. Also I notice stutter when I walk around and grass is rendered. Just curious, is there a way to eliminate the grass "fade in" effect in grass mode 1? Where grass will visualize as if "fading in" in front of the player as they're walking? I know dyndolod grass mode 1 is loading grass in current cell, and grass lod outside of it so I imagine not. For grass mode 2, I notice grass more or less "pops in" once player enters new reference grid, it doesn't "fade in". And once again, thank you for your patience and helping me out here. Thank you for dyndolod/ xlod as well. They're amazing tools.
  9. Thanks. So I did check the task manager while playing. My memory was at 64% usage and CPU was at 50% usage. Would this mean my GPU is at fault here? I know a gtx 1050 ti with 8 gbs of ram isn't amazing but it can do things like overwatch at 120 fps on ultra 1080p so I figured I could run Skyrim with mods like skyland, etac, dyndolod 3.0 and ngio grass lod at 1080p. It's just this constant stutter that shows up every 5 seconds or so. I just don't understand why it doesn't drop frames, I'd so much rather have that than the constant stuttering. I'll be running at a solid 60 fps and it will stutter like crazy out of nowhere. I apologize if this isn't related to dyndolod. I just am frustrated at how poorly my Skyrim has been performing for the last few months.
  10. Thanks for the response. I'm going to Regen dyndolod and run grass mode 1 without ultra trees. See if that alleviates the stutter issues I've been facing. My hardware is too gimped for mode 2 I think.
  11. Oh damn. That might be a major reason im facing a bunch of stutter as well, I selected ultra trees without generating hd billboard. Thanks for letting me know. I also generate grass lod at mode 2 which only increases the drain on my computers resources. I should have known lol. Do you think if i get more memory, I could remedy a major stuttering issue I've been getting with ngio and dyndolod grass lod, etc? I only have 8 gbs ram, gtx 1050ti, but would love to play my skyrim at 1920x1080p with ngio dyndolod grass lod mode 2, regular dyndolod trees, and the various city overhaul mods I have like Redbags solitude. I notice my game won't really drop my frames but just stutter a bunch. I mean i can maintain 40-60 fps outside but it stutters like crazy when it loads new cells for grass, etc to load in I think. Thank you for your continued responses.
  12. thanks. I genuinely don't understand then why the grass lod seemingly started working. It just all loaded in once when I was playing and then I noticed whiterun in the distance had grass lod. So does the 3d trees add on from happy little trees only work in conjunction with hd trees in texgen? Or can it still function without that selected? Should I disable it for performance boost if I use ultra trees without HD trees generated in texgen? Thank you for your patience. Edit: I should also correct myself earlier, I have 8 gb of ram, not 4 gb.
  13. Awesome. Thank you for the response. So I opened the texgen output and I do have the tamrielicgrass.esp folder, and the various .dds files for each grass type within tamrielic grass. So i went to the data tab within mo2 and scrolled to "textures", and then opened up "lod" folder and saw a bunch of files from texgen output. Included in these files were some .dds lod files for the grass. So I have to think it did load the grass in actually, because its all there. To be honest with you, I'm pretty sure the grass lod is working for me now. I don't know what happened exactly but a few nights ago as I was playing, the grass lod seemingly loaded in for me. I think If i remember correctly, I deleted the old xlodgen output within mo2. I think that may have been overwriting any grass lod, I also didn't have xlod installed correctly. Either way, Whiterun looks ridiculously beautiful now, with seemingly endless grass. I can attach a couple photos and perhaps you could assure me that the lod is working as intended? I have noticed that I have alot more stuttering now, I think thats because I generated grass lod in mode 2 (and changed the adjacent ini within ngio) right? From what I hear grass lod mode 1 is alot more performance friendly. Also thank you Sheson. For being so gracious and helping me out here with my questions. Also great job on dyndolod 3.0, my game has been aggressively astonishing lately thanks to you and hlt, tamrielic grass and ngio. You've really brought Skyrim to a new level. Edit: Another question. Sorry. Should I disable "happy little trees addon- dyndolod 3" if i choose to generate hd trees within texgen for ultra trees in dyndolod 3.0? I ask this because I was trying to do just that and it failed on me when It was generating lod for Arnima (Worldspace within Beyond reach mod). Also what is the performance impact of hd trees with ultra trees? Is it much higher than just ultra trees? I imagine I probably shouldn't since my specs are 1050 gtx 1050ti with 4gb ram. I have ultra trees right now and it feels great. Thank you.
  14. Thank you for the response. I'm sorry if i''m being tiresome, still getting used to the navigation of the forums. So I uploaded my debug log to Mega. https://mega.nz/file/4ctmEY4D#rUAzTI-LBlEHlqDgXrMG0fHTCpBHyp91_mW6FeD-P1c I saw things like "processing grass lod" in there. I also ran texgen and saw that it had grass textures and lod present for the grass within the preview screen. I did change the fblocklevel0distance in game using skyui from 15,000 to 90,000 and i didnt notice any difference.
  15. I can't upload my dyndolod debug log as its 120 mb, but heres the texgen log. TexGen_SSE_log.txt Do you think it's because of my ini settings within ngio or bethini? I do have extend grass count= true Extend grass distance= true Use grass cache= true Overwrite grass distance= 12,000 Overwrite grass fade range= 8,000 Only load from cache=true. Dyndolod grass mode=2 Bethini settings are under detail, grass fade range, slider is set to 14,128. I can't find an app to open the grass lod files within my texgen output folder.
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