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  1. @sheson I have found two things that might be good for you to know(unless you already know them...) First, After a lot of trial and error, I have found that at least I will always get an access violation error unless I have dyndolod open and in focus for the entire process in which case it will 99% of the time work fine. Don't know if I am just stupid and that is supposed to be the case or if it is a bug or smt. Second, that 1% of the times that it doesn't work I have narrowed down to it either being because the HTML file that gets generated brings my browser into focus or because of some random one time bug and because I haven't found a way to stop the HTML file from being opened I can't rly find which of them is the cause. PS: If the first one isn't a bug then to save yourself headaches and also other people's headaches you should probably give some clear warning either on the download page or before dyndolod starts. Also I hope this helps in any way possible! We all love you for making such an amazing tool!
  2. So I don't know what changed or happened but it worked now, which is weird since I haven't changed anything and I got the error around 3 times earlier today as well as every time I ran DynDOLOD yesterday! So I can't rly help in finding what originally caused it, although, if I get the error again I will go thru the methods you told me to try! And to answer your question, yes it was always cell 22,-10 and I checked it yesterday and no mods I have edits that cell.
  3. Sry to bother you @sheson but could you please take a look?
  4. So I like some others have been getting the "Access violation" message I have been trying to fix it for the better part of the day and haven't been able to fix it so I will just ask you directly! Error code: bugreport.txt Debug log. Was too big to upload in pastebin without crashing my browser. Couldn't find a none debug log. I also don't have any dirty plugins that might cause this. PS: Sry if the solution is something obvious!
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