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  1. Alrighty. Thanks for the info, I'll go ahead and grab the upgrade. I fully looked over the list of content it adds for the first time and I'm a fan. Thanks again.
  2. Well, if you wouldn't mind helping me out there too: I've just been skeptical from all the Steam reviews and such that claim the upgrade broke their game. Does the upgrade make the game any less mod-friendly than the 1.6 update that is already out for everyone? I would expect that the update itself, which is already available to all, would be the largest challenge for modders, not the DLC's additions, but I wanted to make sure before I purchase. I know it's not the people's favorite update in general, so it might mostly be exaggeration and drama. Also, would the use of something like the Anniversary Content Picker cause any problems with the STEP patches?
  3. Okay, sorry, I realize now that the Anniversary Edition is not necessarily a name for the paid upgrade. I don't plan to revert to 1.5.97, only to use the current Anniversary Update version without purchasing the upgrade, so I'm fine with running 1.6.353. Understood, I absolutely want to take advantage of that kind of work done for the patches, and I will make sure to get them working. And thanks for making that topic. It will be very helpful to many in the future. Thanks for the replies!
  4. So I currently use non-AE, 1.6xx Skyrim Special Edition. I believe this comment left by @easyrider1988 is the correct process for reverting the guide for use with regular SSE. (I had to take a snip of it and attach it; it wouldn't take me back to the source for some reason. It was left on page 2 of Feedback and Bug Reports for v2.00) I'm currently in the process of doing this, but I also wanted to ask a bit about the STEP Patches and what they aim to accomplish. What types of conflicts do the STEP Patches resolve that cannot be also done through the various mod patches that solve their own respective conflicts? Is the CR Patch mainly for the CC content found in the new edition, or is there also a large focus on general compatibility and polish that one can't find elsewhere? This is my first attempt at a large modding setup, and I'm still learning about managing all the nitty gritty stuff like compatibility, so I'd greatly appreciate some clarification here. Thanks so much for your hard work!
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