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  1. https://ufile.io/f/1cmlb log and debug log I have tried rebooting but the problem persist.
  2. Hello, I suddenly run into a bug related to the LODGenx64Win.exe. It failed to generate Object LOD for all worldspaces available. All LODGen logs are identical to this one https://paste.ee/p/JiLw3, of course except the worldspace naming. I captured a screenshot of the running LODGen cmd, which run out in 1-2 second. I believe it failed before the generation started.
  3. https://ufile.io/f/orpg5 Here are the logs.
  4. I reported it because it is not a updating issue, but a persistent problem which didn't get solved by generating new dyndolod data.
  5. Just found a soft conflict when it comes with the pre-3.0 Better Dynamic Snow mod and the parallax meshes. For instance, in the DynDOLOD.esm the WHmarket02[3839F] get replaced by the WHmarket02_DynDOLOD_NOFLAG. When one has installed the BDS2.11 and a corresponding parallax mesh for that object, it works well, because BDS2.11 has modified the direction material to its own one. When the object get replaced by the the DynDOLOD, the BDS modification get nullifyed, because the WHmarket02_DynDOLOD_NOFLAG copies the vanilla direction material, which doesnt work with a parallax mesh. after activating DynDOLOD, the object in game becomes texture-less. this problem can be solved manually by making a compatibility patch of DynDOLOD and BDS by reproducing BDS modifications to WHmarket02 on the new WHmarket02_DynDOLOD_NOFLAG. The in game effect works perfectly. I dont know if it is posible to make a xedit script to automize this kind of process, but anyway i report it here.
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