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  1. Thanks for addressing the texture upgrade/degrade stuff. The new values are good, much more reasonable.
  2. Change bBlurEnable to 1. This is a known issue from this latest version of BethINI.
  3. linked the .ini for you to read over. dont just copy these settings over to your game though, its highly likely there are things you will want to tweak. i play with 60fps cap despite the mod fixing high fps, and i dont actually play above native res too.. and though the game launches at above native res just fine, the mouse cursor is buggy and doesnt line up visually/is restricted to a small part of the screen. you might have to change your desktop resolution every time you wanna play fallout to get around this, which sounds SUPER annoying. HighFPSPhysicsFix.ini
  4. @lordbarsdale what DoubleYou said. I have High FPS Physics Fix and downsampling from higher resolutions works fine, but i can definitely remember fallout/skyrim really really hating going above native res.
  5. here's two more. i took these at 4k so its much easier to see now. you can zoom in much much further. left is vanilla upgrade/degrade right is bethINI high upgrade/degrade if you look very, very hard, you will be able to see that the window textures on the vanilla image look ever so slightly worse. thats all i can find though. genuinely. thats it.
  6. here's some VERY basic stuff i did. pc specs on profile. ALMOST vanilla game - no mods on mo2, but i have some things installed manually, like buffout, f4se, high fps fix etc. 60fps cap. no modded textures. no beth high res pack. i also disabled TAA, AO and fog in game to get a super sharp image. tested in/near boston since thats the absolute worst case for vram/ram usage. very dense area. this is with vanilla upgrade/degrade. ~2450mb VRAM usage, 7gb system RAM usage. iTextureDegradeDistance0=800 iTextureDegradeDistance1=1500 iTextureUpgradeDistance0=600 iTextureUpgradeDistance1=1200 ----------------------------------------------------- this is with DOUBLED upgrade/degrade from vanilla values. ~2900mb VRAM usage, 7gb system RAM usage. iTextureDegradeDistance0=1600 iTextureDegradeDistance1=3000 iTextureUpgradeDistance0=1200 iTextureUpgradeDistance1=2400 -------------------------------------------------------- this is with the BethINI High values for upgrade/degrade from 3.6 ~4500mb VRAM usage, 7.4gb system RAM usage. iTextureDegradeDistance0=6144 iTextureDegradeDistance1=102400 iTextureUpgradeDistance0=4096 iTextureUpgradeDistance1=8192 remember, this is with the vanilla textures. not very big at all, yet theres an IMMEDIATE 2gb vram increase over vanilla values after the first save load after booting the game with bethINI high preset values. these screenshots are only @ 1080p so it makes it harder to see any visual changes. regardless, i see none. could be the area i chose, though. at 1440p or 2160p, maybe you will see some visual improvement. but vram usage also increases at higher resolutions. these increases in vram will be more severe with modded textures. to what degree will depend on how many you have, and how big they are. this is PURELY my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. i do not think upgrade/degrade values need to be increased from vanilla at all. but if you ABSOLUTELY must, just double them. i think thats good enough.
  7. ^^^ all I can say is this. increasing the upgrade/degrade values WILL increase vram usage. no room for argument on that. depending on your texture mods, total vram and system ram, you might be fine. for me, 8gb vram, 16gb system ram, 1080p, !with the bethesda hd texture pack!, these settings were too much and ate all resources. if vram limits are exceeded, textures will be loaded and stored on system ram instead, which is why BOTH of them filled up for me. as evidenced by the some of these posts, im not the only one that had this issue. take care to monitor your system. i use hwinfo64. cpu-z and gpu-z are great too - and much simpler.
  8. ...i literally rebooted with different settings though? i was testing the vanilla upgrade/degrade vs the new bethini ones with vanilla tex. same place on the map, same save, taken right after loading in. just to see how much more resources were being used on hwinfo. also i understand the difference between vram being "allocated" and actually being fully utilized. one has a massive performance pentalty - the other does not. as was shown when i booted with the bethini settings + high resolution texture pack and the game ate all memory and was unplayable. 5600X / 16Gb 3800MHz / Vega 64 8Gb @1080p appreciate you responding so candidly. looking forward to future updates <3
  9. tried the tweaks with vanilla textures. used 2gb ~more vram and 1gb~ more system ram upon initial load in boston. no stutters though since vanilla textures are light enough and didnt overload memory limits. using any big texture mods - like luxors HD pack or SavrenX's textures - will still probably cause a bunch of issues with such high upgrade/degrade values. please consider changing these values in a future update, because no matter which way you cut it, they're too big. or reserve such high values for ultra only.
  10. knew someone was gonna say something about the HD pack LOL. i use it because literally every texture pack on nexus has issues. many that touch landscape textures break lod's on trees and bushes in a subtle way but once you notice it, its hard to unsee. i wish it were otherwise. hd packs issue is that its huge and SOME textures arent improved. a lot of textures, like clothing, DO look way better - people tend to ignore that once they see the size though (and they're not wrong for that). i will try the bethINI values WITHOUT the hd pack real quick just to see what its like.
  11. It seems bethINI medium also has these settings... obviously you dont have to listen to me at all, but uh, those are disgustingly high. like absolutely ridiculously high. too high. WAY too high. i personally leave these at vanilla values because the high resolution texture pack is too big, but i know people often use double the vanilla values to get a nice boost to fidelity, and it doesnt affect performance much either even with lots of texture mods. these ones are more than 6x greater! far far far too much.
  12. hello, first post, very new to this site but I figured i'd share some of my findings on fallout 4 with bethINI 3.6. regarding the blocky HBAO+ mentioned above, i also had this issue. and regarding the heavy stuttering; i found that when using the bethINI presets, under the [General] list, iTextureUpgradeDistance and iTextureDegradeDistance is pushed WAY, WAY too high. like comically high. its insane. no idea who thought this was a good idea but this if someone could verify that this is happening on their end also, i think we'll have found our culprit. i use the vanilla high res pack and it quickly fills up 8gb vram + 16gb system ram on the very first save load and starts dying badly. these can be changed to their default values easily though if you wanna actually be able to play the game. here's what bethINI HIGH preset pushes them to... iTextureUpgradeDistance1=8192!!!!!!!!! iTextureUpgradeDistance0=4096!!!!!!!!!! iTextureDegradeDistance1=10240!!!!!!!!!!!! iTextureDegradeDistance0=6144!!!!!!!!!!! ...and here are the vanilla values: iTextureUpgradeDistance1=1200 iTextureUpgradeDistance0=600 iTextureDegradeDistance1=1500 iTextureDegradeDistance0=800
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