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  1. That's understandable, it's just a bit odd that regular LODs work but Ultra LODs don't show anything. Thanks for clarifying.
  2. Outside riften this is exactly how it looks, what I am more concerned about is the lack of billboards for when I am in the Riften worldspace. All trees in the cells surrounding Riften lack trees when I generate Ultra trees, but not when I generate regular tree lods. When I generate regular tree lods, it shows up as billboards outside Riften in the Riften worldspace.
  3. https://ufile.io/mbcxdpce here are all of them.
  4. Every season, a lot of the trees near Riften. 5bd07, c87e1, c87e2 are the trees that I have shown, but there is a lot more... They usually only use the regular tree LOD, so when I generate regular tree LODs they display as billboards (I think, the flat low quality trees) even when close up in the city. I don't know what could cause this.
  5. https://ufile.io/6lfl9jcx So here are the logs after I generated Ultra Tree LODs And here are pictures of what I mean
  6. It worked! Pausing the different Tamriel Object LOD LODGens made it generate output without any critical errors. Now to see what generating ultra tree LODs will do for me.
  7. I will try generating the Ultra Tree LODs and post a picture of what outside of riften looks like. it might be a Turn of the Seasons issue, because I did generate billboards using TexGen, and have DynDOLOD Resources installed. However, right now, I am glad the "pause the Tamriel seasons generation" method is working out, there is no problems so far! I still don't know why Alpha 74 had no issues, and Alpha 77 has these issues for me.
  8. Oh no, not ultra tree lod and grass lod, I haven't got Grass LOD enabled as an option at all, and Ultra Tree LOD fails to generate lods for trees outside Riften so I haven't used it! But it seems the "select text to pause the LODGEN" method is working so far. I am only reporting this issue now because again, I have not experienced this issue in Alpha 74, and I had the same set up for generation.
  9. I haven't had these issues in Alpha 74 and prior to that. I only recently updated to Alpha 77 when I noticed that the Resources updated.
  10. I will give that a try, but I have been struggling with this for hours and nothing so far has worked. I cannot provide logs if the program cannot either crash to give an error, or finish to give a finished log, because the computer just freezes.
  11. I am having pretty much the same issue as jkp993, this cannot be a random issue I am having, I run the program, it works just fine, then while generating Tamriel LODs it gets stuck, and only a moment ago I noticed my computer COMPLETELY FROZE and I had to forcefully restart it, thus I cannot provide any meaningful logs. The fix you have given me made it work slightly smoother, with the LODGEN not jumping around when generating Level 4 lods to generating Level 8 lods randomly (the logs I have already provided show that). But what I have noticed in my testing is the fact that LODGEN allocates a lot of memory and uses none of it, sometimes having bursts of sudden memory usage but in general not using any memory. I used the Performance Tracker program that's in windows to track this, it's more detailed for this stuff than Task Manager. I would provide a printscreen screenshot, but sadly, printscreen doesn't work when my computer is completely frozen. Under the "Confirmed" memory, which summarizes all the allocated memory, all 5 windows allocate more than 3GB of RAM eventually, with some going as high as 9GB of RAM, but only using around 1 to 100 MB of it in random bursts. The allocated memory always exceeds actual memory available.
  12. I will try that. I couldn't use printscreen because I would have no way to actually save a screenshot of it because, again, the processes ate up all of the RAM and it crashed most of my programs, including explorer.exe The OpenGL: Out Of Memory happened once and I lost the log where it happened, but every time I tried to generate stuff it just froze up my computer and I had to either restart it or manually shut everything down.
  13. https://ufile.io/d4pp7pb8 Here you go, logs from a session that once again almost killed my computer. Here is also a picture of when I decided to manually stop all the Tamriel LODGENs because they crashed explorer.exe and didn't let it restart because there was no memory free to actually do anything. I could run it again and post a picture of the Task Mangager, but I am honestly starting to lose hope of being able to explain my problem.
  14. Right, and since it has happened to me every time I tried to generate it, I can just try generating stuff again to get a new log with the same problem.
  15. Here are all logs that are in the logs folder. Logs.rar
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