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  1. It appears that for some reason I still crash on the recent update, even adding renderthreads=1 in TexGen_sse.ini still made me crash in update 73 (For some reason it shows up as Update 72 in TexGen?) However I am happy to say that adding RenderContexts=1 worked for me this time around. (It even saved me 1 minute of generating textures...nice) Will update this once DynDOLOD finishes. *dyndolod finished in 21 vs 29 &31......nice man good job*
  2. TexGen_SSE_log.txtTexGen_SSE_Debug_log.txtTexGen_SSE_realtime_log.txt ctd without error messages again...really strange behavior when threads =/1. It did not create a bugreport
  3. ....crap lol anyway I do use a AMD GPU (6900xt) I did rerun with the test version since I downloaded some of the seasons of skyrim additional mods and so far I'm getting these times (29 min 47 sec non-test version and 31min 21 sec on the test version)
  4. So I changed renderthreads back to 2 and added that contexts command and I crashed. Changed it back to 1 with the contexts command and it did not crash.
  5. I haven't actually used the test version to run dyndolod. After adding that command, I ran LODGen which worked then moved to Dyndolod.exe without using the test version. And both worked afterwards with only the change to the lodgen.ini
  6. Oh wow, it worked. Dyndolod worked as well. May I ask what the RenderThreads command do?
  7. TexGen_SSE_realtime_log.txtsame behavior, worst case scenario I'd do a clean install....which I would rather not do atm.
  8. On another note, I believe updates 65-67 worked for me in the past before I updated to this version.
  9. I used the settings above because the R8G8B8A setting was not available on the left column of settings TexGen_SSE_realtime_log.txt
  10. Didn't work, I'm getting the same error
  11. This is the only event within that time frame. I also did revert back to using version 2.98 and I'm not getting any problems. Gonna reinstall the latest version in another folder to see how it goes.
  12. So I'm getting a very weird error when I try to run TexGenx64, where I crash immediately some way into the program creating billboards. When I crashed, there were no logs generated. I checked event viewer and this is what I got. I tried to fix kernalbase with the usual ways (sfc, dism) and even a in-system upgrade even though I'm on Win 10 ver 21h2. This happened after I installed seasons of skyrim and let it develop the config files for dyndolod. Any suggestions?
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