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  1. Thank you. I have installed the Console Addon and will give it a go. Learn something new every 10 minutes.
  2. Hi, I am trying to make a patch and eventually start making Patches for the Skyrim AE community. I am trying to figure out this Reference ID dilemma. I bring up Console Command in game and click on an object to acquire its Reference ID. Then I exit the game and pull up xEdit and search that ID in the MOD (or even my entire MOD List) and there is no matching ID. If I dig down further and locate the object I find the reference ID in xEdit is slightly different than the ID acquired in game using the command console. It seems to be the first couple of characters in the reference ID that are different and every other character after that, matches. But, it's nearly impossible to locate items through xEdit like this. It took me 20 minutes to locate it. Example: I am running The Great City of Solitude SSE, and I want to make a patch. There is a gaggle of buckets floating out over the water on the docks and I want to patch items like this to be disabled or moved when using this MOD. The console reference ID is (05000832) . . . it is nowhere to be found with a search through xEdit, even with every MOD loaded. There has to be an easier way to locate Objects within xEdit with their reference IDs from the in game console command for modding and making patches. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.
  3. I will move forward with your advice. Thank you for the prompt reply.
  4. sheson, per your request on Nexus, I am moving my inquiry to here. I really like what has been done with LODGen and DynDOLOD, so thank you. I have spent the last week trying to figure out how to solve an issue. I am pretty good at solving my own issues, but this one eludes me. I have read manuals, watched vids, etc., and perhaps I am missing something or this is a bugger, IDK. The issue is: I run a Tree DynDOLOD generation and it works great except for one issue I have noticed that goes back a few years and still seems to be present for some people. The top of Dragonsreach is chopped off when approaching close to Whiterun after generating a Tree Only LOD. I have tried multiple resolution attempts and have solved the issue by adjusting the IgnoreLargeReferences=1 and uLargeRefLODGridSize=5, generating LOD, then once completed setting uLargeRefLODGridSize back to 11 and launching game. This fixes Dragonsreach, but this introduces another problem. I am running Bent Pines II, which does not contain LODS, so when I generate Tree LODS with DynDOLOD by ignoring the Large References to fix Dragonsreach, it appears those huge trees are also considered Large References, and so the LODS are not created. I then decided to run a Full LOD process with DynDOLOD with all the appropriate variables in place, but then I end up having textures missing in some snow and some waterfall areas. So, my solution was to try and generate the Bent Pines II Tree LODS separately with DynDOLOD, and the References set accordingly for Large. However, it seems that by having two DynDOLOD Outputs loaded, whichever DynDOLOD file is loaded after the previous version overwrites it completely. Now, I'm trying to generate the Bent Pines II LODS with SSELODGen. I have created the appropriate Billboard, but I am unable to figure out the Text File (Atlas) that is supposed to accompany the .dds Billboard. I have also created the appropriate file folder directory for the Bent Pines .esp., just can't seem to get the text file to go along with creating these LODS with SSELODGen. Note, I have tried splitting the Atlas with Bent Pines loaded and all required dependencies, but tree LODS are not loading into the split Atlas from Bent Pines II; only vanilla trees from Tamriel. Do you have any advice on how to accomplish this final step for a Tree LOD for a single MOD? I am assuming the Atlas file is generated somewhere in DynDOLOD. I'm almost there. Thanks in advance.
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