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  1. It's a much simpler replacer for AllGUD or similar. The first 'out-of-the-box' solution to this problem. Also, the only requirements are SKSE, Address Library, and the skeleton meshes from XPMSSE which are already included in the guide.
  2. Discussion topic: Immersive Equipment Displays by slavicpotato1 Wiki Link Display unequipped gear and custom items on the player or NPCs. Works with any item with no additional meshes required. Does not use body slots. SKSE64 plugin. Custom in-game user interface for configuring everything in real-time while you're playing. Includes a flexible positioning system for both equipped and unequipped gear. I find this mod extrememly immersive. Pulling weapons and items out of thin air always seemed awkward. Seeing the dragonborn actually carying around their equipment and arsenal adds visual flavor and realism. Optionally can be combined with Simple Dual Sheath for dual wield builds.
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