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  1. Would love to know if you find a solution to this. I ran into the same thing and wound up uninstalling Renthals because I couldn't find a fix.
  2. Can confirm Alpha 65 resolves this issue for me. If you're able to share more details than included in the changelog, I admit I'm curious what the issue was here. Thanks again for your attention and the speedy fix!
  3. Just tried adding Noble Skyrim and regenerating the LOD with Alpha-64, and bang: the tower was gone again. The combination of Fortified Whiterun, Noble Skyrim textures, and DynDOLOD 3 Alpha-64 does seem to be what triggers it. `prid 1000AA28` and disable/enable and recycleactor resulted in no change. Curious to hear if you're able to reproduce when you add Noble Skyrim to the mix; if not, something very strange is happening on my end, and I'll stop bugging you about this. If you do see this issue, please try walking into the tower area; you should also find that the tower's collision is gone as well as the visual model. For now, I'm off to bed--it's 4am and I have work in a few hours. Thanks for looking into this! EDIT: As I went to log off, it occurred to me: if the Noble Skyrim's textures trigger this, is it possible that the relevant change between Alpha-58 and Alpha-64 was in TexGen rather than DynDoLOD? I don't understand enough about their inner workings to know if that's plausible, but I'll try using old TexGen/new DynDOLOD and new TexGen/old DynDOLOD tomorrow when I have a chance.
  4. With respect, I have spent hours today repeatedly generating LOD for this load order with Alpha-64 and Alpha-58 and testing the results so that I could provide a useful report of the issue. I am telling you, and have provided screenshots showing, that under my full load order, the tower is there with Alpha-58 and not there with Alpha-64. Asking me to do the same thing yet again isn't going to do anything but waste both our time. With that said, after generating LOD with Alpha-64 for the Tamriel worldspace only, with a vanilla game plus ONLY Fortified Whiterun, the tower does indeed appear as expected. That indicates to me that this must be an interplay between some other mod I'm using and a seemingly-unrelated change in DynDOLOD that did happen between Alpha-58 and Alpha-64. Is it possible Noble Skyrim or a similar texture replacer could be affecting this? Alpha-58 has been a more reliable experience for me overall than the more recent versions. If I stay on Alpha-58, should I stick with the current version of the DLL, scripts, and resources? Or is it safe/advisable to upgrade those as updates become available?
  5. The screenshots from inside the tower are taken with LOD generated by the old (December) version of DynDOLOD and without using DynDOLOD respectively. It's when I use Alpha-64 that the model vanishes. Something has changed between the December release and Alpha-64 that causes this tower to disappear. Based on the "DynDOLODx64.exe, Version:, Date: 2021-12-15 09:05:25" message it prints to the log and the 12/15 date on a "DynDOLOD 3.00-32382-Alpha-58-1639558310.7z" file in my Downloads folder, I believe the working version to be Alpha-58. Aside from testing on my end with only Fortified Whiterun and DynDOLOD, is there any additional proof/information I can provide?
  6. These screenshots are all on brand new games, using coc whiterunstables from the menu screen to enter the world with the default character. Behavior is identical on a new game as well as on existing saves.
  7. Reference form ID without DynDOLOD active is 8600AA28. Attached is another shot of the same interior without DynDOLOD active, showing the reference form ID and the fact that the ref was last changed by WhiterunDefenses.esp (whereas in the previous screenshot it was last changed by DynDOLOD). EDIT: I should also mention that I noticed the tower IS visible as LOD from inside the Whiterun worldspace. It's only the physical tower in the Tamriel worldspace that seems to go missing.
  8. Yes, that's the interior of the tower, having clicked on it to show info about it in the console. It's roughly the same shot as the second screenshot, but with the tower present rather than missing.
  9. Sorry, should have included these in the first place: Alpha-64 debug log is here (but 88MB) and main log is here (730KB). There was no bugreport.txt for this generation, and I was not prompted to copy any text to clipboard. Let me know if you also need logs from the older version.
  10. When using Alpha-64, DynDOLOD removes a tower structure introduced by the mod Fortified Whiterun. Using identical load order and the same (latest) version of DynDOLOD Resources SE 3 and DynDOLOD DLL SE, but building the plugins with an older version ("DynDOLODx64.exe, Version:, Date: 2021-12-15 09:05:25", per the log), the tower structure is present as expected. In neither case does DynDOLOD produce any errors. Using Alpha-64, the tower is not invisible; it is simply not present. The stairs that should be part of it can't be climbed, there's no collision where the walls should be, etc. Find attached screenshots showing the missing tower from Alpha-64, as well as data relating to the tower collected while running with the older version. Forgive me if this report is missing key information; this is my first time reporting an issue with DynDOLOD and I'm not sure what all is useful. Just let me know what else you need and I will happily collect it. Thanks for your consideration!
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