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  1. There was no difference when trying with that test version. However, in the Windows Event Report, I saw that the problem was related to KERNELBASE.dll. I looked it up, and I found out that the most likely cause of the error was an incompability between TexGen and some program running in the background. I had already tried to close all overlays and programs while running TexGen without success. So I tried a clean restart of Windows, not letting any program to start when rebooting, except those necessary to run Windows.... And it worked. I had no problem running TexGen with or without mods, and with Grass and HD Trees enabled. So it was a problem with one of my programs running when starting Windows. I don't know yet which one, because I will need some testing rebooting and letting a few programs at a time to start while I run TexGen. This will take me some time to figure out. But as soon as I find out which program is the culprit, I'll let you know, so at least, you can know that that program may cause TexGen not to work. Thank you very much, Sheson, for all your help. Specially for pointing out to look for the Windows Event Report. I wouldn't be able to solve this problem by myself. It would have never occurred to me to look for that Windows Report. Thanks
  2. Ok. I used the windows event viewer and here it is what I found: https://ufile.io/tci6l4ou (I guess this is what we're looking for. If not, let me know). No, I kept testing with Alpha-63. I didn't realize there was an update. From now on, I'll try with Alpha-64 and Dyndolod Resources Alpha-19. I actually did run TexGen (Alpha-63) without any mod loaded a few hours ago and it went through. It finished correctly with Grass and HD trees checked. Yesterday, I checked Alpha-60 and it also didn't work this time. I'm going to check again with Alpha-64 with and without mods. I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you very much for following my case so closely.
  3. There is no Windows event log report. At least I can't find it. I looked for it in Windows\System32\Config, and I found no text log in there. Is it there were I have to look? I run TexGen again, with no unnecesary applications running in the background (including GeForce or any overlay). Main memory never went up of 29%. Video memory peaked at 2300 MB (I have a 3080, so not close to the limit). I leave here the log: - https://ufile.io/squ9sk33 P.S. Always, at the top of every log, there are two errors: <Debug: OpenGL: framebuffer objects unsupported> <Debug: Framebuffer error: framebuffer objects unsupported: 32768> <Debug: OpenGL: framebuffer objects unsupported> <Debug: Framebuffer error: framebuffer objects unsupported: 16384>
  4. Using default settings for TexGen. Rendered and Stitched Objects are generated correctly - no crashing generating them when I enable only those options. The problem is with billboards. If I enable Grass and/or HD trees, it always crashes. If I don't enable those options and use the default options (no Grass - no HD trees) sometimes it crashes, sometimes it doesn't. Here are the logs that were in \Logs after every sesion - unfortunately, no bugreport.txt is generated: https://ufile.io/i6oy9cu1 (HD Trees and Grass - CRASH) https://ufile.io/atfo3hkv (Default - no HD trees, no Grass - CRASH) https://ufile.io/f/vhje4 (Default - no HD tress, no Grass - SUCCESSFUL) Thanks again P.S. As you can see, when it crashes, only the realtime log is generated.
  5. Thanks for such a quick answer. No, there is no bugreport in the folder. Funny enough, it doesn't stop in dlc01dawnguardcastle02lod.nif. Actually, it get's through all that, creates billboards and stops somewhere there. (I think it always stops in the same file, but the window closes so suddenly that I need to recheck again to see if I can get where it exactly stops and if it is always after the same files. I think it does when starting to proccess grass, but I'm not sure). I unckecked rendered objects, but it still doesn't run through. I can preview dlc01dawnguardcastle02lod.nif with no problem. I don't see anything strange there. I've reinstalled again and run the program a couple more times (even with Real Time Protection disabled) to no avail. The only difference this time is that it doesn't create log files in any folder. That's why I cannot attach any logs this time. P.S. Something similar - closing the window suddenly mid-process - happened to me once and it was because I had not enough space in my disk to create the files. But this time I have 120 GB free in my MO2 disk, and 250 GB in the disk where I have Dyndolod extracted and where TexGen_Output is created.
  6. I'm having an issue with this version (alpha-63). When I run TextGen64 through MO2, after ten minutes or so, the windows just closes and nothing else happens. The files are created correctly just until the point where TextGen crashes, but it's far from being completed. I have set exceptions for the folders, the programs and MO2. It worked fine with alpha 60 version, so I don't know what's happening here. Installation folders are set as it is recommended, outside of UAC folders. My Skyrim version is SE 1.5.97. I really appreciate if someone points me to what could be the problem. Thanks. TexGen_SSE_Debug_log.txt TexGen_SSE_log.txt
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