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  1. Thanks for the tip DoubleYou, though I had already played withe ini files, and the specific values you mention doesn't seem to change the issue. I did notice however, that the grass distance didn't only follow my position, but also my angle of view. What I mean is, that when I look straight at the spot where the the grass fades it's fairly stable, but if I tilt the camera up or down, it creeps a bit towards the character, and if I turn my head left or right, at the corner of my eye, it grows up to, and perhaps even overlaps a bit with, the grass LOD. This seems strange, if the issue is caused by a limit to where the grass is loaded in the gameworld in relation to my characters placement, doesn't it? Could it have something to do with the ultrawide monitor setup I'm running? some limitation build into how the game is rendered on screen?
  2. Quick Question: Does changing the "Strength of Ambient light" setting for grass in TexGen effect the way ENB light settings interact with grass LODs?
  3. Doesn't .Net Script Framework work fine, as long as you use the DDL plugin loader workaround? or is it just dead in my loadorder? I don't get any error messages from Loot, and the game runs fine... I've already made a grass precache (by downgrading to SE), and used it to generate grass LODs in DynDOLOD (in AE), and it works great btw. The issue I'm having, is that I get a gap between the loaded grass and the LODs, that I can't seem to "fill out" no matter what I do. But, if .NET Script Framework really is dead in my LO, I suppose that explains why NGIO doesn't seem to do anything.. Edd. Just spent som time on .NETs nexuspage, and well, I see it's there plain as day "Doesn't work with anniversary edition".. One of these days I really need to slow down and read things properly the first time round.. thanks for being patient with me, I'll take a note from that book and be patient with the author of .Net Script Framework, until they have time to update the mod, I'll just live with my slight graphic inconvenience. cheers
  4. So am I understanding this right; getting a smooth transition between generated grass and LOD grass requires that I run NGIO, but this is not supported in AE? I'm beginning to regret bying the anniversary eddition... Is NGIO still being supported?
  5. Thank you for replying Sheson. I did miss the bit about setting the mode both in the advanced menu and the GrassControl.config.txt.. Having now tryed it however, I can say with relative certainty, that I experience no difference. Was I supposed to enable this before running the grass precache, or is this an issue of trying to run it in Skyrim AE?
  6. Finally managed to get DynDOLOD working on a consistent basis (despite my ineptitudes). Thanks again for making it, it's a really nice and usefull tool I have one question about the grass LODs though, something I cant figure out, and thats about the gap between the pop-out of the LODs and the fade-in of the loaded grass. I've seen a lot of images and videos that show seemingly uninterrupted grass from the character all the way to the horizon, but no matter what I try, I still get the gap between the LODs and the loaded grass... I tryed both grass modes in the DynDOLOD advanced menu. I tryed tweeking uGridsToLoad and all of the fGrassFade settings in the Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini. I tryed doing the same in BethINI and with the overwrite function in No Grass In Objects... but none of it makes any difference at all, as close as I can tell. So what am I missing? I'm sorry if this is the wrong topic to pose this question in, but I figure it's related to getting the most out of the awesome Grass LOD featrure in DynDOLOD
  7. Well yes and no.. I agree it would be best, however in order to run No Grass in Objects, even for just one cell, I would have to downgrade SKyrim AE to Skyrim SE once more, with all the hassel that intails.. I might well do that, however, I want to know my options.. after all, the cell in question might be snowy mountain cell, with no grass at all..
  8. Thanks, that makes sense. One question though. If I simply deleted the bad file, and ran DynDOLOD, what would happen then? does it need that cell to complete the LOD's?
  9. Okey, so I've been trying to generate Object, Ultra and Grass LODs (I'm using Open Cities of Skyrim, so I've been following the instructions on how to work around it), and I keep getting the same error, that confuses me a bit: Error: LODGenx64.exe failed to generate object LOD for Tamriel. LODGenx64.exe returned 28F. Check F:\Program Files (x86)\ModOrganizer\DynDoLOD\3 alfa\DynDOLOD\Logs\LODGen_SSE_Tamriel_log.txt> I checked the log, and it says as follows: Error processing grass data Tamrielx0022y-034.cgid can not read after the end of the stream. System.IO.EndOfStreamException Log ended at 20:30:32 (23:3) Code: 655 (sorry if the wordings wierd, had to translate it, since it wrote part of it in Danish). So the problem obviously seems to be related to creating grass LODs, and it seems to be predicated on one for the Grasscaches created with No Grass in Objects. However, after I clicked Ok to the error message, DynDOLOD seemingly finished the proces. So my question is this, if I finish running DynDOLOD, to create the LODs, what will happen? will none of it work? or will all of it work save one cell, where there just wont be any grass LOD? for if the latter is the case, I think I could live with it, as long as it doesn't cause any CTD. Cheers
  10. Hi Just wanted to say thanks for the help again. I manged to get it working by doing a clean reinstall of Skyrim, reverting it to the old version with the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Downgrade Patcher, and only adding the old version of SKSE and the DLL files for SSE Engine Fixes (which worked better than the DDl Plugin Loader for some reason) to the root folder. So now I have the grasscache (I think), all thats left, is to revert to Skyrim AE, and run DynDOLOD Cheers!
  11. Thank you so much for helping out! So, I found a NetScriptFramework.log.txt in the mod subfolder, but that was completely empty. Checked that the game file version was stil 1.5.97. Checking for lingering DDl's however might have turned up something! There's the d3d11.ddl and d3dcompiler_46e.dll, which I are both from ENBseries and i suspect fine. But then there's d3dx9_42.ddl from SSE Engine Fixes, AND binkw64.dll / binkw64_.dll for DDL Plugin Loader. .Net Script Framework requires one, OR the other, but not both! I tryed turning of SSE Engine Fixes and removing d3dx9_42.ddl from the SE folder, and... still not working :/ but perhaps a step closer? I'm not running Alt start yet, though I intent to. just didn't want to flood my LO with mods that dont affect the worldspace before I had DynDOLOD up and running. I also intented to run all mods that affect the world space, when I get it running. Turning everything off was mostly for troubleshooting, I think what's left is the bare essentials, but, well... that only showed, that apparently it wasn't the other mods, that prevented Precache Grass for executing. I've also looked at Script for speeding up the process, and your excelent grass LOD guide. The instructions for running the script was a bit advanced for me, but the guide was quite helpful.. just need to get that damn Precache running first..
  12. Yes that was my first thought too.. Made a brand new savegame and played as far as the interior of Helgen keep (just to find a stabel place to save the game). I've also disabled all mods except: - Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - SE - Folkvangr - Grass and Landscape Overhaul - ULTRAWIDE UI FIX (32 to 9 aspect ratio) (because I'm using a samsung odyssey and the menues doesn't work without) - .NET Script Framework - Origins Of Forest - 3D Forest Grass - No Grass In Objects - SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin) - SE - Address Library for SKSE Plugins - SE - PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility Functions - SE I've also run Loot, and autocleaned the masterfiles.. and it still doesn't work. Even tryed opening the console, to se it the Precache was running in the background, which ofcause it wasn't.
  13. Yeah I did that already, found a few others that could/should be updated (or rather downgraded) to 1.5.97, and did that. Finally got the game running (sort of, by disabling a LOT of unnecessary mods), but when I run the PreCache Grass plugin in MO2, the game starts and then.. nothing happens. It just sits there in the titlescreen as normal. I can load a savegame, but that still dosn't do anything.. This is breaking my puny brain. I really appreciate all the help and suggestions, but at this point, I just can't for the life of me figure out what the next step should be.
  14. Won't mods that add objects to the world space be needed for the raytracing part?
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