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  1. So, I've tried for countless hours to get Grass Cache working and all was well until I generated DynDOLOD with Grass Cache. I know that it is just the Tamriel Worldspace causing this issue because every other world space generates EVEN with Grass LOD ticked. Tamriel Worldspace generates without Grass LOD ticked but otherwise won't. When I generate it just with Tamriel selected, it takes 30-40 minutes to wait for LODGenX64.exe to generaste object LOD which may be normal for Grass LOD. After thats done it starts updated height maps for both object and terrain LOD and thats where my PC just freezes. I tried Medium and Low settings and still to no avail. Ive tried setting the density lower but no. Every other worldspace generates except Tamriel WITH Grass Cache on. Any Help would be Appreciated! P.S. I have an RTX 2060, Intel i7 9th GEN, and 16 gigabytes of RAM. (PC is 2 years old) DynDOLOD settings below
  2. This is True. I'll stop using HLT Billboards and just the Addon instead. When combining Trees from HLT, I use just the Aspen models so I delete everything from the meshes folder of HLT except the Aspens. In Jedi Trees Folder I delete all Aspen trees but keep the rest. On Nexus Forums it seems people have gotten the LOD to work but I am not 100% if they've created the LOD models or just use Jedi Trees without any Other Trees. I'll try generating just Jedi Trees alone and see if LOD works and if not, then as you said, they don't have proper LOD models. Thanks z929669
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm currently having an issue where my tree(s) mods wont generate billboards and/or lods. I use a tree mixture of Happy Little Trees (this mod has billboards and thus works) BlubboPines (not too sure if it has billboards and thus lods working) and Jedi Trees (Billboards AND Lod don't work. I have a billboard mod for Jedi Trees but no luck and when generating I create the billboards with TexGen and then run Ultra LOD in DynDOLOD setting LOD8 to Billboard4 in Tree Mesh Rules but alas, no luck. I've generating multiple times with no luck and I'm wondering if I have done something wrong or missed a setp? Any help would be appreciated. Much Thanks Greeny
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