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  1. I just installed skyrimse / zedit on a new drive, but I can't find where zmerge records the information about the merges to be built; I want to amend and rebuild a merge but the list is currently empty, can anyone tell me which file to copy across?
  2. Maybe that's what I missed, but I was pretty sure none of my merged plugins were masters to anything outside of the merge - I tested by unticking them and no '!' missing master warnings appeared in the load order. (Also zmerge itself warns if an esp will be unusable after the merge). Is this the only likely scenario in which the situation could arise? If so perhaps I can check dependancies a bit more intently.
  3. Clearly I am misunderstanding something basic about either wrye bash, zmerge, or both. I have merged some mods using zmerge, activated the merged mod, and the esps which were part of the merge are unticked in MO2. When I run wrye bash, it adds some of the unticked esps to the bashed patch masters, and reticks them. What should I be doing to make sure my merges are ready to be bashed, and the 'component' esps are ignored?
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