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  1. Ok, thanks a lot for this clarification
  2. You are a GENIUS!!!! It works and i think that the result is even better than 3.65. Thanks a lot!!! May i just ask you what the "false" flag at the end of the line means (in textures\terrain\lodgen\TexGen_SSE_Grass_Billboards.txt)? ==> Folkvangr - Grass and Landscape Overhaul.esp;00000800;Grass_MXGrass_Medium01 Folkvangr - Grass and Landscape Overhaul.esp;00000801;Grass_LongWindy_Green,False Some lines have it, some don't.
  3. I have this I'm gonna test the v 3.87 Thanks a lot
  4. For 3.65 ==> i have 104 lines for \Export\LODGen_SSE_Grass_Map_Tamriel.txt For 3.86 ==> i have 91 lines for \Export\LODGen_SSE_Grass_Map_Tamriel.txt Grass cache has not been changed, i used the same EDIT : I compared the 2 files
  5. Hey Sheson, I'm coming back to you with some test results. For the test i used both versions (3.65/3.86) at density 25% For DynDOLOD v 3.65 For DynDOLOD v 3.86 I used the "You are here" menu from dyndolod The related bto files size As you can see there is a +/- 8mb difference. I hope this can help. Thank you.
  6. Hey Sheson, Thx for your 3.86 update, now the grass lod has been generated, but i still have the same issue related to density. v 3.86 gives less grass lod density at 50 than 3.65 at 25 (screen shots above still apply)
  7. Thanks a lot, will it also fix the less density i have in 3.84 compared to 3.65?
  8. Thanks for your quick answer Sheson, For 3.84 ==> https://ufile.io/vv9phh59 For 3.85 ==> https://ufile.io/eql2uvtk I don't have a bugreport file Thank you.
  9. Hey, So far i was using Dyndolod 3.65 with grass lod (density 25) This is what i have so far ==> Now with Dyndolod 3.84 (same load order and density 50) ==> Is this normal that the new dyndolod version gives less grass lods for higher density? I also tried 3.85 and i have no grass lod using this version because for some reason the LODGen_SSE_Grass_Map_xxx.txt has not been generated (always on the same load order) Thank you for your work and help
  10. Indeed it was the issue Thanks a lot for your quick answer and for all your great work since the begining.
  11. Hello, I'm experiencing issues with Blubbo's Aspen trees you can find on his youtube chanel. I created my trunks and crowns as the doc explains (i'm not new to this, i created 3d hybrid tree lods for jedi trees already), i used the hybrid.bat to have things right and created my mod. Ingame i noticed than the tree lods are almost twice in size than the full model and when i come closer to the lod, it shrinks like in half. So i tought ok i messed up with my hybrid tree lod creation and to remove that from the equation i re ran dyndolod textgen and output using full model as lod4. Strange thing is i get the same issue. My load order is pretty vanilla (core mod like skse), dyndolod resources and blubbo's aspen trees meshes and textures without esp (i also tested with a custom esp overriding vanilla aspen records) Could it come from the author aspen tree mesh itself? Jedi aspen trees hybrid lod i have created works fine I am thanking you in advance for your help.
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