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  1. OHHH okay good. I was worried I missed something! I kept going over the instructions looking for the part where it said to download that. I didn't want you to think I was skipping steps 😫 but I'll continue the steps tomorrow. Thank you for helping me out. I love your guide. It makes it easier for a noob like me
  2. Sorry for the late reply. I've been trying to do this between customers at work lol. But oooh okay I was confused about that because different guides say different things sometimes but now I've got everything (BETHini, LOOT, xEdit) in my D:\Games\Modding\Tools and I was still on Step 2 in the Tool Setup in my earlier message. I just saw I needed a program called xLODGen in this table so I went to the download page and followed the installation instructions but got stuck on that part I mentioned earlier. Did I miss something in between all that? I wanna make sure I'm getting everything perfect. I updated my graphics drivers and everything too.
  3. I'm following the guide, thanks I'm always confused on this part in instruction installation stuff. In this screenshot what do they mean by "Use -o:"c:\OutputPath\" command line parameter to change where files are generated to, default is the game folder." https://gyazo.com/c7777195fff12f1538c09625996aa4e1 So far I've installed xEdit into my SkyrimSE folder and I've extracted LOD into its own folder outside of my game/program files. I renamed the file to SSExLODGen like it said but then I don't know what to do with the command line thingy. Where do I go to enter that? Sorry I don't know much about PC's
  4. Thank you! That got rid of the error message Once LOOT ran it told me my script extender wasn't updated to my AE edition (which I don't have. I only have SE but I still updated like it said) so now that's fixed... it does let me run Skyrim through the skseloader now which it didn't before. BUTTT I'm still having the same error message when I try opening it through Mod Organizer
  5. Thank you for letting me know I did update everything like SKSE, engine fixes, and Skyrim on Steam but I still have the same problem. & I also removed those plugins that were missing their masters but I still have the same LOOT error. Oh and I just downloaded/updated these two Papyrus Utils https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13048?tab=description https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58705?tab=description Idk if I'm supposed to have both of those downloaded or not. I feel so dumb trying to figure this stuff out. I have no idea how to mod I just found a youtube video with beautiful graphics mods and I downloaded everything he had. I used to just mainly download cosmetics for my character but I've got a better graphics card now and wanted to try making my game look like the ones you see in all the videos but it's been soo hard with all these errors. Lol Here's the link to the mod list I was following https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hkzchK3WWeYR1uNeZJN-rRPdzDv2S3ap/view Some stuff has gotten removed though if I couldn't find the mod or the right plugin but I have almost everything on there. I also tried downloading ENB's (I think that's what they're called) so I don't know if that could be messing something up. I tried googling all my problems before I went on here to bother you guys but now I'm just lost on what to do 😥
  6. Thank you for the reply. I took your advice and deleted all the mods missing their masters but I still get the same error message But I still have the same LOOT error message when I click sort on my plugins Cyclic interaction detected: ELE_SSE.esp --[Master]-> SoS_ELE_Patch.esp --[Group]-> Luminosity Lighting Overhaul.esp --[Master]-> SoS_Luminocity_Patch.esp --[Group]-> ELE_SSE.esp
  7. Hi guys I'm new here so hopefully this is the right place to post this. When I try launching Skyrim SE through Mod Organizer 2 I get the error "REL/Relocation.h(567): failed to open file" Before this error I was getting the error "REL/Relocation.h(548): failed to open file" but I uninstalled and reinstalled the engine fixes and SKSE libraries. After doing that and relaunching I get the error I mentioned above. Do you guys know what I could have done wrong? I'm really new to messing with mods so it's probably something I did wrong... I've made sure all plugins are enabled and all mods are installed with their masters except for the ones below because I can't find the appropriate mod that goes with it so maybe that could also be the issue. I'm pretty sure I have "Blues Skyrim" but the creator renamed it so that's why MO2 is detecting it as missing. Idk if that's the case with the other ones though. Missing masters: Master Required By Blues Skyrim.esp Eli_Breezehome [PATCH - DOS (Director's Cut) SE VER1.4] (STD).esp Skyrim Better Roads - All In One - Merged.esp Settlements Expanded SE - Skyrim Better Roads Patch.esp, Skyrim Better Roads - All In - One - Merged - PATCHED.esp Soljund's Sinkhole.esp Settlements Expanded SE - Soljunds Sinkhole Patch.esp Tes Arena - Skyrim Frontier Fortress.esp Settlements Expanded SE - Legendary Cities Patch - AIO.esp Whistling Mine.esp Settlements Expanded SE - Whistling Mine Patch.esp also another problem is when I run LOOT it gives me the error Loot failed to run Errors: Cyclic interaction detected: ELE_SSE.esp --[Master]-> SoS_ELE_Patch.esp --[Group]-> Luminosity Lighting Overhaul.esp --[Master]-> SoS_Luminocity_Patch.esp --[Group]-> ELE_SSE.esp If anyone knows what I could do to fix this, that would be amazing. Thank you
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