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  1. Yea I used BethINI and it made a lot of changes I wasn't really aware of. Luckily I had Ini's from another profile that were pretty close to vanilla. Added the suggested lines and it fixed the problem. Many thanks. Here's my current ini's in case anyone runs across this because they have the same issue. SkyrimPrefs.ini SkyrimCustom.ini Skyrim.ini
  2. I removed that mod but it still happens, regardless of whether enb is on or not. https://imgur.com/j5bzRh7 Here's a video showcasing the issue.
  3. So I'm not sure if this is the "too many light sources" issue or if it's an issue with ENB or something else but some of my trees shadows are popping in and out of existence at weird times. Pic 1 https://imgur.com/JrhmCOH no shadows/light shadows. Pic 2 https://imgur.com/hjMgst7 shadows/extra dark shadows. I thought HQ Bark pine tree meshes were causing issues but after uninstalling that there is no difference. (Regenerated texgen and lod) Using ENB Binaries .466 with Silent Horzions ENB for CW. This isn't just in this spot but I've noticed the pine trees are especially buggy. Other trees seem to be ok going to do some more testing. SkyrimPrefs.ini Skyrim.ini SkyrimCustom.ini plugins.txt modlist.txt
  4. I will definitely try this. Again, thank you everyone for the input and suggestions. I know sometimes with Bethesda Games it ends up being "as good as it gets" I'm ok with that just want to make sure things are as they should be. Here's the same pic blown up to illustrate what I'm seeing. More visible in game, but even then it's pretty subtle.
  5. Thank you everyone for your advice and suggestions! I definitely have come to terms with some of my lighting issues with this game that can't be fixed just hidden (character lighting, especially males they have such bad wrist seams ) After some further experimenting with my LO and settings I got this to go away completely. https://imgur.com/WC7HvEf Here's a photo, reflections still present and looking decent, no weird lighting glitch around the boat! I did use BethINI and just went with like the medium preset, then did some changes to my preferences/ ENB set up. Sharing my LO & ini files if anyone is curious. I also rebuilt my bashed patch and Dynodolod and got rid of luminosity. Skyrim.ini SkyrimPrefs.ini SkyrimCustom.ini plugins.txt modlist.txt
  6. Still see it after rebuilding my bashed patch and dynoDolod removed luminosity and relighting skyrim. This photo is with ENB disabled. Hard to see but it is still there.
  7. Here's a photo without ENB enabled, it's still there but barely visible. This line bScreenSpaceReflectionEnabled=0 makes it go away completely, but then no reflections. Not sure if there's any other way to fix it.
  8. Nope the seam is still there when I toggle the ENB, so it must be another mod not playing nicely with Cathedral Weathers. Thank you for the clarification with this. I'll mess around with my LO maybe rebuild my bashed patch and Dynodolod see if that helps. Weird thing is in Xedit CW is winning all conflicts except one, but that's the Wet and Cold CW patch, and it edits weather that is not in the cell from the screenshots.
  9. I must be blind but I see no setting to Disable Sun Direction. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/162508-weird-shadow-bug-causing-the-lighting-to-cut-in-and-out/#comment-3632990 Someone describes it here but I don't see the setting.
  10. What the title says, pic pretty much shows it all. Using Silent Horizons ENB. plugins.txt Load Order.txt
  11. Using Silent Horizons ENB and I can still see the seam, it's subtle but still there.
  12. So I still notice it, kinda but it's not nearly as bad as before definitely blended much better with the other layers now.
  13. Natural View Tamriel is an ENB that breaks this unfortunately even with this fix.
  14. Ok so I installed that and tried both without and with the cathedral file, Natural View Tamriel doesn't play nicely with Cathedral Weathers I guess because that didn't fix it but after testing with silent horizons for cathedral, I haven't seen the issue return. Gonna have to do some more testing and hope it doesn't come back. Thanks for the suggestion!
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