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  1. I appreciate the clarification, thank you...at least I have a couple things to try out!
  2. I have a pic of the vanilla lod (not on that imgur link, however) and the dyndo-generated one has much better defined bricks/stones and also less snow coverage on the cubic parts of the ruin...instead of nearly being entirely white, it's more like the other section of the model where the snow just sits on top of the stones, giving it some distinction from the sky behind it. Now, granted, that is with no other mods installed so the lod snow shader applied here is probably from some other mod like MM or nordic snow. I guess my first try should be hiding the file that provides this shader, letting the vanilla one take over and see how that looks? Dyndolod would only affect the quality of the bricks/stones themselves and not the amount of coverage by the snow shader, right? Sorry for my lack of brevity.
  3. Thank you, Sheson. If that doesn't look better, how would I go about telling dyndolod to ignore this model during lod creation and just keep the vanilla one?
  4. I'm getting a super-white lod of Eldersblood Peak (like so white the main structure is practically blended into the sky) as shown in these shots: https://imgur.com/a/fkKtPE7 The vanilla lod is slightly darker and not solid white so it stands out a little better, but of course the bricks are not nearly as detailed. Any idea on how I might mitigate this? I was thinking of maybe having dyndolod ignore this model but I'm unsure as to how I might do that. Or perhaps a rule for this model not to use the snow material?
  5. ok *whew* lol, I imagined for a sec it just happened anyway! Thank you for the link! Will look into it!
  6. Out of curiosity, Tech, did you take any steps to avoid the update and they didn't work or just let it happen?
  7. Ok, thanks for the explanation, I'm going to look again in the manual to find the relevant section.
  8. Sheson, I'm trying to find info on the useDecalFlag option in the sse configuration file. I've been looking in the manual for "DynDOLOD_Manual.html#11a" but seem to be too inept to locate it. I was hoping it might help alleviate some z fighting I've been wrestling with on level0 lod models of heavily-laden snow trees. Any info is appreciated.
  9. The only solution I've found is to turn off windows security real time protection while I generate textures and dyndolod. This only started being an issue for me in the last couple of months. This is even with everything installed outside of the usual protected folders.
  10. This is probably a dumb question, but I run a smaller modlist and don't use skse at all...do I need to worry about anything? I was going to back up my exe and stop game updates anyway just to be safe.
  11. Thank you for your work and support on this issue! And thanks to Sheson for the help and insight as well!
  12. The Dyndolod 3 ones from the StepModifications uploader, not Kojak747's Edit- and this may be dumb or go without saying, but the model nif missing the path is from Kojak747's original mod not the lod (again probably obvious).
  13. Makes sense that it would inform you of any issues found, I was just imagining that it probably isn't a visually noticeable thing if some folks hadn't picked it up in testing their mods yet.
  14. Ok, now getting a very similar error in the same place using Myrkvior. However this nif that it points to doesn't have any "textures\" only fields as the one from EVT did.* <Warning: File not found textures\. Used by Meshes\landscape\trees\sfotreepineforest04.nif The Flora of Skyrim Trees SSE.esp TreePineForest04 [TREE:0004FBB0]> SSE Logs/Debug files https://ufile.io/f/ys7qk Edit...wrong nif posted...will be back... *Edit 2...AH HA! It does have a "textures\" blank field! I would guess with all the testing these mods go through it's never been a visible in game issue?
  15. Another query for you, Sheson: Can you think of a reason why I wouldn't get the warning when generating with the same settings on my laptop, even when the nifs/files are exactly the same? Could generating with much reduced settings cause this texture to be overlooked or not needed? Thanks again to you and also to Z for all the help and info!
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