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  1. DORMER! That's the word I was looking for! I understand now, sheson thanks a bunch. I'm thinking about maybe removing the glow window on the couple buildings on which it bothers me in xedit. I'll do some experimentation. Much obliged.
  2. Yes, the images are just ones I grabbed from the hd lod nexus page as examples of what I was talking about. Mine are generated solely with dyndolod 3.0 edit - I will get some screenshots of my actual game tonight.
  3. Are the glow window lod always arranged in a straight-sided cubic configuration? I've noticed that when using the glow windows option, the Blue Palace lod has some floating glow windows where the rearward-angled windows near the top of the lod model are located (I'm sure that didn't come out right, so I've attached some pics of what I mean). I don't have a screen shot atm, but I can get one tonight. https://imgur.com/a/y7MFmEu As you can see in the linked example pics, the parts I've circles in red (full model and lod model) are at differing angles, the windows on the lod being slanted backward. However my glow lod windows are all vertical (as the ones on the full model are) so they float a small distance in front of the angled back lod building's windows..if that makes any sense at all. I was guessing that the mesh with the glow windows was just always arranged in a cubic grid so it wouldn't line up perfectly on buildings that had slanted sections such as the Blue Palace lod but I wanted to make sure I wasn't assuming incorrectly and just messing something up myself. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!
  4. Sheson, you RULE! Me and my OCD wanted to say "thank you" for the waterfalls, lol.
  5. That makes sense, of course...when sheson told me to lower them they were actually around 70000. I came down to 40000 in increments of 5000 but was still seeing the issue. I will no longer use tcl to test lod. My blatant lack of experience and research on dynamic lod was my real issue. But, if 43008 is the distance dynamic lod will appear (far grid being 21), why do guides like STEP and some others suggest using fblock0distance settings above this? Wouldn't there still be a small area where no lod would show up?
  6. The have been all over the place during my testing, but I never go under 40000 or over 95000 for fBlock0Distance trying to find my sweet spot, so I didn't think they were TOO extreme. I didn't consider using neverfade or changing the Far grid size. I don't know why but that seems to have put the static waterfalls back into level 16. I think part of my problem, besides maybe needing to find a balance between fBlock0distance and Far grid settings, is that I was tcl-ing before dyndolod had a chance to activate once I coc'd into an area and what was supposed to be an animated lod wasn't appearing after I got too far from the actual waterfall (that's why no lod at all was showing). The MCM is so new to me I didn't consider checking activation status. I'm not supposed to be seeing thin waterfalls from a distance (static or dynamic), is that correct?
  7. I believe I may be a bigger idiot than I first thought...would Upgrade near grid references to far grid box cause this? When I was doing non dynamic lod this couldn't be checked, but in generating dynamic lod I was checking it. Just tried without it and I seem to be in business. Am I insane?
  8. Thank you for pointing this out, hadn't noticed that before. I did confuse the 2 generations (dynamic and not dynamic), sorry....I was mistaken in stating that I was getting the static waterfall on the map when generating dynamic lod. I am using Dyndolod 3.0 alpha 57 along with Dyndolod resources alpha 16. Also using Dyndolod.dll and scripts. I'm not super-well versed in looking at nifskope, but if I'm not mistaken I believe I see the waterfall lods in these?
  9. Well, I appreciate you going through this with me. Unfortunately I just can't seem to get the object lod for the waterfall to appear once I leave the dynamic lods range or on the map. I can see the animated waterfall for as far as I can ask during gameplay and I guess that's all that matters, I'm too used to flying around at impossible heights maybe. I wish I could tell what lod level I'm seeing but even with much lowered fBlockLevel0Distance settings it is the same result...an animated waterfall until the end of the far grid (I'm assuming) and then a total lack of waterfall (no static model "ice block" a la vanilla) and none on the map. This should happen once level 8 begins if I understand the rule correctly? When I generate no dynamic lod (the way I was doing it before I started using skse) I get the "ice block" waterfall outside of ulargerefLODgridsize (again, I'm guessing because I'm not positive it's that exact distance in cells) and on the map. Far grid/near grid wouldn't matter with no dynamic lod, right? Anyway, I've taken enough of your time. You are really appreciated, as are your tools and support for us lucky community members. Thank you.
  10. I didn't mess with the Near or Far Grid to Load settings in the advanced menu. So if I have fBlockLevel0 distance set too high (where it ends determining the start of lod level 8, I'm guessing), it would keep me from seeing the static lod once I leave the area defining the Far grid? Apologies for my lack of comprehension.
  11. Sorry, meant to say that the windmill tower itself stays but the fans/blades disappear. I was thinking that was comparable to the animated waterfall unloading and the static lod taking its place, which I'm not getting. So if while using this mesh rule, if I'm not getting a static lod for the waterfall past the far grid am I missing the assets for it?
  12. What is the furthest extent to which animated dynamic lods created by dyndolod can be made to show? I believe I read somewhere here that normally after 11 cells they go to static lod? I'm curious because I'm having an issue where at quite a distance the moving waterfall lod will unload but no static lod model replaces it. This is using high rules in advanced settings. I do get a static waterfall on the map though. Also at this distance the moving windmill blades disappear but the static lod appears at that point. So with all things working correctly, at some point the animated lods do become plain static lods (before level 32 I mean)? Any help or insight is appreciated.
  13. Hmm, I actually tried vanilla + only ussep & alternate start as a troubleshooting step and it wasn't present. I also checked the wall there with xEdit but I didn't see anything altering it either. This is probably a dumb question, but why wouldn't I see dyndolod resources affecting the skyforge lod nif in xEdit instead of just Skyrim.esm? As always, your help is very much appreciated.
  14. Hello, again...I have a small issue with a piece of the Skyforge lod sticking out of the Whiterun wall. I looked up the ID in xEdit and the offending nif is WRSkyForge01LOD. XEdit shows only Skyrim.esm in the right panel. Looking this nif up in the data tab in mo2, though, shows it being provided by Dyndolod resources. Here is a screenshot of the issue I'm having: https://imgur.com/a/VX8cQLb Using Dyndolod resources alpha 16 and Dyndolod 3.0 alpha 57. Any idea why this may be happening? Edit - Ok, I actually fixed it and here's what it was...I was looking at the dyndo resources nif in nifskope and saw that it showed the sharp protrusion in the model. I saw that there was a mesh fix for HD LODs solving this same problem and by renaming that fixed mesh to WRSkyForge01LOD from it's orig. name it fixed the issue. https://imgur.com/a/YZZTSyo
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