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  1. Oh, no doubt about that...I just mean that with the ones Z made for HLT (especially the higher quality ones) the lod crown model more closely resembles the actual fully loaded tree than any I've tried. Again, only my humble opinion.
  2. To me, the best part of HLT is the 3D lods. I've yet to see tree lod with as little pop in (EVT's Vurt snow trees are pretty good too, but I just can't get that barely noticeable transition on the green pines that I can with HLT's 3D lod add on). The reach trees are fantastic as well, imo. But I can certainly see Tech pov on the bark/trunks. As much as I like the snow pines as well, I get a little texture flicker near the tops of some as I scan the landscape or approach them.
  3. I see in the guide it says to install LW dawnbreaker with dwarven/dwemer sheath but for the enb light installation instructions is says to choose default dawnbraker sheath and not alt sheath...I was just wondering why that may be.
  4. Ok, ya'll, I managed to fix this issue by installing El Sopa HD Giant Paintings using the "no paint" option (this option can cause ctd if not run through CAO first). It's possible that the different color paint options could work too, plan on trying those too...but for now I'm just happy to be rid of disappearing paint! I also used the chance to rename my mountain texture to GiantRock01.dds so now they actually don't look so from all the other rocks in the game.
  5. Well, if I can't get it looking better I'll just try to make a patch disabling all the fugly offenders...when all else fails, initially disable those buggers, lol.
  6. Hmm, I tried different decal fade settings (eg fDecalLODFadeEnd, fDecalLODFadeStart, etc under [LightingShader]) to no avail. Is there anything else I can adjust?
  7. I have a few things I'm going to try tonight...trying a giant rock & giant paint retex and if that doesn't solve the issue I'm going to try adjusting my dyndolod mcm settings to see if that has and effect. Thanks for you thoughts on the problem, Z.
  8. I kind of thought about that like maybe it was a lod not unloading thing, tll made no difference but not sure if it would? Just to be clear (and it might be obvious), this happens within the loaded cell...like the way sometimes snow decals fade from mountains/rocks as you approach. But there's this weird triangular fill in or rendering pattern.
  9. I don't honestly know if this is a new thing in my game or I just never noticed it before, but there are certain rocks in giant camps (giantobeliskblue02 or something) that I noticed looked funny from a distance. As I get within a certain distance the blue paint begins to appear in triangle-shaped pieces until it is completely applied once up I'm close. I'm trying to get a video up by this evening of the issue but wanted to start a topic to get any ideas. I'm guessing the paint is a decal...its weird though as you can actually see on the rock where the paint is going to appear before it does. Like the design is an impression in the rock that fills with paint, if that makes any sense? Anyway any help or ideas are welcome and appreciated.
  10. Another question: If I go the route of forcing with configuration file, does the minimum volume and height requirements still need to be changed from the default in TexGen_SSE.ini or will the config file make it work alone?
  11. Sorry about not posting in the correct place, I didn't want to clutter up this thread if my issue wasn't relevant to the advancement of the alpha. I'll bet this is my issue...if this (setting HasTreeLOD flag or making a config file) doesn't solve my problem I'll let you know. Thank you so much.
  12. How would I go about generating lod for pine shrubs, yellow shrubs and other such plants? I tried adjusting the minimum values for volume and height in the TexGen_SSE.ini but it didn't create billboards for these plants. Would I need to force the creation of billboards by creating a file such as the examples given in the TexGen configuration section in Help on the DynDOLOD page?
  13. and I read that 20 times...thanks for pointing out the obvious to me on the reg, sheson!
  14. I use a mod called The Ruins that adds some vanilla architecture to the outdoor Tamriel worldspace, such as Nordic arches, Markarth Dwemer arches & columns, as well as enlarged objects (Dwemer centurion & sphere heads in the Reach mountains, giant Talos statues al la LOTR). Anyway, it doesn't come with its own lods and hasn't been updated in forever, but after running Dyndolod I do get lod for some objects, but not others. Is this because Dyndolod is only making lod for the ones that have lod in vanilla (like Nordic arches) and not for those tha do not (like centurion heads and Dwemer arches/columns)? Is there any way to have it create lod for these objects that don't usually have it, via mesh rule perhaps? I also use High Poly Project and was able to create full model lod for its stonewalls, as well as more accurate lod for Nordic arches, using a rule that says: mesh mask, LOD4-Full, LOD8-Full, LOD16-Level0, LOD32-none, VWD...however this doesn't seem to work on the other objects from The Ruins mentioned earlier. Again, I know stonewalls usually have lod in vanilla so does this verify my questions at the end of the 1st paragraph? My apologies for such a long winded, rambling question. Thanks for your time!
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