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  1. Apologies for getting back to you late on this. After checking through xedit, I believe the original source is the Windhelm Gate Fixes SE. I'll attach a screenshot of xedit results as well, just in case I was looking in the wrong location. I think I'll just end up removing that mod altogether and rebuilding my DynDOLOD to see if there's a change
  2. Hello all, sorry if this has been addressed somewhere previously but I wasn't able to find it. I'm getting this error when I try to generate the DynDOLOD files in 3.0. I've checked through xEdit on the esp for that error, and the first part [KYWD:01AF0500] doesn't show up in xEdit. Ran the mod through CK as well just to be sure, but I'm still getting that error. (image of error https://imgur.com/a/iRkBS9a). I posted on the mod page as well just in case it's something the author wasn't aware of, or if anyone else had the same error. [Window Title] DynDOLOD [Main Instruction] Record [KYWD:01AF0500] in file Thieves Guild Requirements.esp is being overridden by record [GLOB:01AF0500] in file Thieves Guild Requirements.esp. [Content] These errors cause CTD and other serious issues and need to be fixed. Ignore wrong advice to temporarily disable plugins. A different issue I'm having as well that I haven't been able to find any info about, is that when I'm using City Entrances Overhaul - Windhelm, the vanilla bridge is rendering on top of the bridge added by CEO. More Informative Console pointed towards the DynDOLOD esp being the mod adding the vanilla bridge. I saw previous messages about adding a custom rule to Windhelm to see if that would fix the issue but it didn't change anything on my end. Any help with these issues will be greatly appreciated!
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