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  1. That worked! So, do I always have to save indoors from now on you think? But saving indoors, loading that, talking to NPC then going back in to save works. Now I can load the save fine
  2. I am pretty new to modding skyrim btw, so I am not sure what "save indoors" means. Can you point me in a direction? Also this error comes up when i try to run ReSaver on the particular file. What I do from the working save to the unworking save is talking to the npc niranye in Windhelm about the thieves guild questline. I am on the quest "Summerset Shadows".
  3. Hi guys. Im big trouble here. On my save nr 241 get CTD on my next load if i make another save. The save im on now are totally fine, but if i make another save that one gives me CTD when loading it afterwards. Tried this so far: remove mods one by one added both "Load Game CTD Fix" mod and "Crash fixes" mod without sucesss. used LOOT to sort load order used TESedit5 to clean masters and dirty plugins Anyone got any tips for me? modlist.txt
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