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  1. It definitely is "eFPS - Exterior FPS boost" - nothing to do with DynDOLOD.
  2. Currently generating Dyndolod from scratch. Will report back, like always, thank you for your help. I think it could be "eFPS - Exterior FPS boost". Will check with the new version.
  3. After everything worked fine I ran into some issues. Villages like Old Hroldan, Kynesgrove, Shors Stone, Mixwater Mill etc., have this weird bug where Lod disappears and reappears after I move ingame. The Game works but this is very strange. Can I send you any reports or will no logs be generated because of this? Some step further and everything is normal I should mention that all these villages are overhauls. But non of them say no specific thing about load order or even LOD/DynDOLOD. As a matter of fact, these Overhauls worked fine with the old DynDOLOD 0.39. I saw you uploaded an Alpha - 0.43. Is it any different from the Dyndolod Version you send the other day? If so, maybe upgrading will fix it?
  4. Yeah thats why this is weird. But Idk anymore I just installed MM with the LOD and hope it will work. Thank you for all the help!
  5. The entrance where I am looking at is normal? Or like this picture here? The black stone seems totally off and I don't think that is right. Maybe I just didn't pay attention to it in the first run I had? So when you tell me the "entrance there in the on picture" with the let's say a bit messy textures is normal than I apologize.. But snow seems dark when I go further away I compressed the picture but you get the idea that this stone texture should not be THAT dark or? Only when I get near the mountain it becomes "normal" again
  6. Okay, tested Lod on and off. You can find the screenshots in the attached file. I seems so weird. The only possibility I can think off is the "hyperborean snow" MOD but I had the exact same load order with Alpha 0.39 before and everything worked fine. https://mega.nz/file/pUVFEQDK#pnk0TxOSZ9lvcIBroXZcI0guEm_ZBcTU9d1tKwrGJgg Only some few thing like the entrance in the first Screenshot do not work. I just don't get it I even ran the Better Dynamic Snow patcher for xEdit. Sadly no results with it
  7. I will give this a try but even without enb (tested 5 minutes ago), it will look like the screenshot I posted. I don't know man.. Snow LOD shaders. Is it correct that I copied the FormID and pasted into SSedit @sheson? I could only find the Skyrim.esm ones.
  8. I think I will revert back to normal Dyndolod. I get it it's an alpha but like others said already 0.42 comes with its own issues. Like I said I had a perfectly running setup before. Just upgraded Dyndolod and No Grass in Objects and all of the sudden, Dyndolod will not work properly..
  9. Here you go. Thank you for all the help. Will help with further updates for sure. Tamriel.4.0.-8.bto
  10. Nevermind I read it wrong. The Markarth ones are _mrf files. UFHD Mountains are not overwritten by anything.
  11. I just saw that my Markarth Mod does have these textures. I actually overwrote UHFD Mountains with the markarth mod. Would you suggest to do it the opposite way?
  12. Checked SSedit. The only Snow LOD with 00050372 and 0006AE38 is Skyrim.esm no other mod. It is weird, cause I didn't change any mod before upgrading to 0.42. But this is not your problem. If it works like you said in vanilla than I should just check everything properly. Sadly
  13. @sheson could it be that Hyperborean Snow SE is interfering with the mountains? I loaded Hyperborean Snow AFTER Dave's UHD Mountains. Maybe thats the issue because Resources doesnt ask me to overwrite UHD Mountains. Only some other mods.
  14. I read it and it makes totally sense. Thank you for clarifying that. Will test it and report back after it.
  15. So nothing should overwrite Resources? Interesting. Maybe I read that wrong I thought every file SHOULD overwrite Resources..
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