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  1. Sweet, that was the issue. My BethINI wasn't pointing to the right ini so my edits weren't working in game. My snow looks great now. Thank you so much! Now to figure out this water seem...
  2. Interesting...you are correct. When in game and using console, it shows 0 instead of 1 so it's pulling the settings from a different ini. Looking at my path from BethINI, it seems correct according to the instructions, ie. "For standalone users, the profile will be stored in the user's /AppData folder (e.g. %LOCALAPPDATA%/ModOrganizer/Skyrim Special Edition/profiles)" However, when more closely examining it, it appears I have another folder /ModOrganizer/Step SkyrimSE at the same level as Skyrim Special Edition. I will tinker with it and see if I can get it fixed tonight and will update here. Thanks again for your help! Not to hijack my own thread, but any idea why my water in Morthal would have an obvious seam down the middle of it with clear water and muddy water as in my screenshots above?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion z929669. I've installed the mod and have tried it quick but I'm going to have to do some playing around to figure out what I'm looking at. Funny, I found another annoying bug while looking at the super bright snow in Morthal. Ugh..here I thought all I had was the bright snow issue, but now I see I have a water issue in Morthal. The first screenshot is more of the bright white blinding snow. The 2nd is the water... https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/images/123422 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/images/123421
  4. Thank you for the response DoubleYou. I've confirmed that my benableProjecteUVDiffuseNormals is enabled with BethINI and I've attempted to replace projecteddiffuse.dds in the effects folder with different snow01.dds files from a couple different mods with no change. I could be replacing the wrong projecteddiffuse.dds file however. Should I be replacing this file in the Majestic Mountains effects folder? or the Better Dynamic Snow effects folder? Should I be copying the snow01.dds from Cathedral Lanscapes? Thanks for your attention and help!
  5. First off, thanks for all the work you guys do! I've recently built a new pc and followed the guide to a T other than upping the graphics a bit and adding some armor mods. I can't figure out for the life of me why the snow covered roads, the snow covered ruins, some rocks, and some trees are so bright they are almost blinding. I searched through comments on the nexus for Majestic Mountains, Better Dynamic Snow, and Cathedral Landscapes trying to figure out what went wrong. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Here's an example of the roads, I can upload more screenshots if needed: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/images/123324
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