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  1. Reinstalling Majestic Mountains, uninstalling Dyndolon and TextureGen, and the rock textures have appeared! Going to rerun Dyndolon now and see how it goes
  2. MM i was paying so much attention about rocks that i didnt realize about snow. I have lightning mods and the cathedral minismalist enb + cathedral weather dont know if it is related with that purple color.
  3. Thanks for the help¡ i will check the guide, in the other hand, for what i have readen in reddits about vortex, is that vortex integrates loot in their program, so thats why i was not using loot apart from vortex. In most scenarios, when i install a mod with vortex, it suggests me the same load order as the modders suggest in their nexus pages. But i guess that with heavy modded games and lots of plugins maybe more tricky to simply follow suggestions so i will check on your guide and sorry for my english, is very bad.
  4. Sorry maybe im not understanding well what you want to tell me. I installed with vortex all mods without using any prebuilt list, only following authors instructions in their mod pages. I dont know what could have gone wrong during the installation. For the reinstalling my doubt is if I need to rerun Dyndolon again (with the Lod Dyndolon pack of the mod) or only reinstall the mod. Also should i deactivate the Dyndolon pack for the mod afterwards running Dyndolon again if i need to? Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. No, I´m using Vortex only. I dont have Lodgen textures V3 installed, only Lod mod i have, i think apart from Dyndolod is HD Lod textures could be that the culprit? I have one Cathedral installed but deactivated i forgot to mention that, Cathedral Mushrooms but is only for mushroom if im not wrong, only i have the landscape, weather, water, pants, 3d mountain flowers cathedral mods and nothern cathedral grass. i was thinking about majestic mountain being the problem, how shoul i reinstall it for making work with cathedral? Thanks for the help¡
  6. Hi, im fairly new to modding. After two days of modding i load my game and all was going fine until i find some missing textures or meshes, sorry dont know about these things i will upload a screenshot. It appears that are some textures or meshes dissapeared in mountain related to rocks. Modwatch: https://modwat.ch/u/Roman88/plugins Sorry Modwatch doesnt recognize or upload my skyrimpref.ini so i will attach a copied file Screenshots of the problem: https://imgur.com/a/2FRbaC8 Thanks in advance. Skyrim.ini SkyrimPrefs.ini
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