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  1. yo i just jump 43 to 53. only take me 7 min run dyndolod from previous 40+ min. what witchcraft youre practice?
  2. like when i changed my tree mod, for update i just need keep current texgen output active and disable dyn, run tex only check tree option to update, and enable dyn and only select tree option, it will do and save time? and do i need update occlusion if i change tree or grass or water mod?
  3. i have a Occlusion.esp left from old mod build, i just activate dyn outcome and Occlusion.esp and re-run dyn and keep all setting like im just build dyn?
  4. damn what now. i had to completely abandon generated dyndolod file and re-run again? no easy way to update?
  5. outcome what the hell ive click the save&zip&exit
  6. well here i am again.. 1. i just about knew i need re-run texgen and dyndolod after i change tree and grass mod or it has a large update (I'm really too lazy to re-run the program for a small fix and change of a grass mod and wait a hour), but what exactly object talking about? i assume not the texture mod? 2. when do i need re-run xlodgen? after what kind of mod i changed? 3. and use new dyndolod update Occlusion.esp for every dyndolod re-run is necessary? like if i just re-run dyndolod for tree mod update?
  7. I quick browsed the docs Underside Terrain Mesh Obviously disable any mods like DVLaSS Skyrim Underside, which was made by extracting this automatic generation from DynDOLOD into a mod. So dvlass is an outdated mod and doesn't need to be used anymore, it can be completely replaced by the terrian underside option? Or just no need of DVLaSS Skyrim Underside optional files, dvlass actually has its irreplaceable effect TVDT - Occlusion Data Generation To enable generation of occlusion data, check the Occlusion data checkbox in the advanced options. Plugin- check to generate a dedicated Occlusion.esp, which is equivalent to using xLODGen. I actually checked the Occlusion Data and plugin options in the advanced options, but when the dyndolod finish generation, I did not get Occlusion.esp
  8. Since alpha 41, the LOD generation process I think now is: Generate terrain with xlodgen→Generate grass LOD with Grass Precache→Generate LOD with XLODGEN→Generate LOD with DYNDOLOD→? Do I still need to use XLODGEN to generate Occlusion.esp?
  9. When I used alpha41 to generate LOD, I checked the option to generate Occlusion.esp, but the final generated content did not have Occlusion.esp. I entered the game without Occlusion.esp and observed the far north sea on the college of winterhold bridge. Here, although there are large squares on the sea, the large squares disappear when I shake the camera.
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