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  1. I will try to make some reasonable comparison, but I have to admit if it works for the 2nd time I will certainly have no strength for another run, so I will assume problem is solved for now. But I have a feeling it will crash.
  2. Red - RAM Green - CPU Threads = 1, memory argument for dyndolod exe. Funny thing is no OOM exceptions this time, but it took way too many attempts to achieve this, so I wouldn't call this a win yet.
  3. CPU is almost constantly 100%, memory 30-70%. I have 16GB, I was thinking about getting another 16, but not because of DynDOLOD.
  4. I have only one output atm and it's 3.46 GB. I also have a backup of older output (the one with glitched waterfalls) and it's also 3.46 GB. There is also possibility that arguments are incorrectly set
  5. Keeping dyndolod output enabled again triggers out of memory errors. Unfortunately I'm forced to rollback to previous version for the time being.
  6. I see. I have disabled it because DynDOLOD showed warning that output will be overriden (which technically I don't want, I just need separate occlusion.esp).
  7. I have generated LOD with occlusion disabled, moved it to MO2 but didn't enable it, then used DynDOLOD again with only occlusion enabled (according to manual), and it works fine. No idea why it happens, it isn't even reaching more than 70% of RAM usage, and I had WAY heavier load order before and it worked fine on earlier versions. But in the end it works again, just one more step instead. Thanks for help, hopefully it will be accidentally fixed in alpha 74+.
  8. I already did set occlusion threads and it changed nothing. Adding -memory command doesn't fix it either. I will try generating it in two steps, I have no idea how but I will figure it out. As I said before it worked fine before (alpha 70 or 71), so something is clearly wrong with alpha 73.
  9. DynDOLOD semi-randomly fails to generate meshes with out of memory error (even though RAM usage is around 50%), and uses 100% of CPU (had to forcefully disable 4 cores for dyndolod process). I'm using newest alpha 73, it wasn't a thing on previous versions. I will upload logs as soon as DynDOLOD completes generating LOD that doesn't throws out of memory exception. https://ufile.io/f/9tasc At least a few meshes failed making output unusable. 2nd attempt with changed ini threads settings failed again
  10. All waterfalls are flickering, so I imagine all references are "broken", but here is the example from video: Ok incorrect load order might be the problem here. For me resources are on the very top, I will move them a little lower to overwrite patches. You see I contacted water for enb because I suspected that his meshes are the reason why dyndolod generates incorrect lod. But at the same time I guess someone else would notice it too. I will try to update the lod now. If I won't reply again it means its fixed. Thanks for help again.
  11. I already mentioned what full models are - FXWaterfallBodyTall.nif, 000FC85E Log:https://ufile.io/qqplcw7i Dyndolod resources are overwritten by: particle patch for enb, skyrim 2020, bright waterfall fix for enb - dyndolod addon. At the moment I'm trying to figure it out with author of water for enb, but if it can actually be adjusted in dyndolod resources that would be nice. Thanks for help.
  12. Btw, I managed to get IDs of LOD with tfc command. The closer I get, the less flickering, no flickering up close. So far it seems Water for ENB itself works fine, issue is with generated LOD.
  13. Right I forgot waterfalls are also targetable. FXWaterfallBodyTall.nif, 000FC85E No changes after increasting fBlockLevel0Distance, even to max. Might be issue with Water for ENB, but regenerating LOD with active save game is not the most trivial task so I wanted to ask someone who knows things first. Also asked author about it in the comments.
  14. Logs https://ufile.io/f/egazl Used texgen then dyndolod. No flickering after getting closer. Just a regular waterfall.
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