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  1. Oh I think I just found a fix through the dyndolod mcm. My bad. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. I think I messed up my game when I changed the display settings in my skyrim se graphics menu. Despite changing the slider back, the thing seems to be persistent now. Could also be due to me changing some ENB settings somehow... It now doesn't appear to show the low rendered trees from far away. So they just pop in out of the blue when I walk a few steps. The picture underneath shows how trees pop in from a few steps. Uncertain if this is fixable tbh. May very well be a my game problem, but thought i'd try my luck here since people here seems a lot smarter than me when it comes to modding. I have searched online, but i'm very small brain when it comes to these things, and don't really fully understand it as far as solutions goes. I been reading you could perhaps change the numbers in ones ini settings, but i'm not sure how or where to do that, or if its even a wise idea to touch. I'm now mid game in a playthrough, so i'm afraid to touch anything that forces me to start over... I'm using vortex mod manager.
  3. Thank you so so so much, you amazing person. That did it wonderfully. If I can do any favor I would be glad to do so, as long as its not money related as I have no income right now, but I really REALLY appreciate your help. People like you are the heroes of this community and it really warms my heart to have you around.
  4. I'm using vortex, i removed it. Do I just close the editor now? Oh after I removed the header it just disappeared everything... So I guess I should close it.
  5. this is what I find. I'm a little unsure what to do here. This whole thing honestly makes me nervous xD
  6. Just to be sure. The 2 digits in brackets are these right? 56? It doesn''t seem to let me click enter, but I probably did it wrong. I'm not the sharpest.
  7. Ref defined: skyrim.esm. Ref form: 00078ED8 Hopefully I did it correctly this time. I don't think this door is modded, as I never attempted to change them.
  8. Oh my bad. I didn't know you wanted me to go inside, since I have no issues when I load inside. Everything seems perfectly fine there, but I will do it. This is the inside of the loaded town. Ref defined: skyrim.esm. Ref form: 00042283 Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Ref defined in: DynDOLOD.esm Ref form ID: 11001D5C The only mods I can think about that could be touching it would be Noble Skyrim, Skyrim HD or perhaps Ruby Ruins. The first two being more likely. Thanks for the help and quick responses.
  10. Oh thanks, I apologise for the confusion.
  11. I'm using skyrim special edition. Newest version, and DynDOLOD Standalone 2.96 beta. which may be the wrong one.
  12. I will just say it straight. I'm very stupid at modding, but I have an error that annoys me a little. I've wandered a bit over skyrim to most cities and been unable to see it anywhere else (thankfully), but onto the problem. There's this bugged gate near riften that spawns infront of the actual gate. It's like a lowquality gate you can pass right through. It also bugs the walls around this area a bit too. The rest of the riften walls appear to be fine. and behind it you can find the actual gate. I have no mods that really should be touching the gates to this agree or mods like open cities. So i'm unsure why it happens. I assume its a long distant object that just refused to disappear when close and it creates this error. I downloaded dynDOLOD yesterday, so my version should be the newest and followed a guide on how to download and install it properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated it. It may have to be explained like i'm 5, because i'm honestly not the best at modding. I posted this is the wrong one, but I don't know how to delete messages, I apologise, so i'm re-posting it here again as i've been told. Thanks.
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