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  1. Ok - Not that anything seems different to what I have stated The last generated Worldspace message/txt https://ufile.io/peob5cnm Dyndolod_SSE_log.txt https://ufile.io/fe6kmc8v Truncated Dyndolod_SSE_Debug_log.txt https://ufile.io/peob5cnm
  2. Current Dyndolod 3 Alpha 42 + updated resources installed. Texgen just run (Grass LOD not selected). Issue with Grass LOD generation - apparently - which is odd as I have not selected to generate grass LODs, do not have "No Grass In Objects", nor do I intend to. Produced error - "Item not Found" without specifying what file - selected "help for this message", directed to /Games/DynDoLod/DynDOLOD/docs/help/Exception.html which tells me it is a missing or corrupt *.cgid file to be found in my /Data/Grass directory The Generating Grass LOD post (second in this thread) tells me these *.cgid files are generated by "No Grass In Objects" - so on one hand it is not surprising that Dyndolod couldn't find them, but on the other hand, why was it looking for them if I didn't have Grass LOD generation selected?. Repeated, and I went in and made absolutely sure nothing to do with Grass LOD generation was selected. Same error generated at the end of a big batch of Blackreach warnings Where next? I suppose roll back to the previous version.
  3. Unimpressed with trying to run 3.00. Non LOD related errors being picked up in mods I have run for ages (and not rejected by Dyndolod), and Dyndolod just rejects them. If I wanted the police I would call them.
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