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  1. I noticed we don't have a mod brainstroming mega thread for people to dump and discuss any cool ideas they have but have no interest in producing and/or ability to do so. Sort of a no bad ideas thing. I thought I'd get started. In researching other stuff, I noticed that Skyrim dumps (quite literally) the dead bodies. It might be a cool mod to create a set of realms of the dead (headed by the various gods and daedra) where you could be sent on some unique missions. NPCs would be sent to a realm when they die selected based on their alignment and race. They would be revived as a specter there. (Warewolves go to the hunting grounds, Nords (both genetic and cultural) go to Sovengard, etc).
  2. Thanks so much, keep up the good work. I'm a latecomer to playing skyrim. I just got it a few months back on the Steam Summer Sale. I'm getting Morrowind next, due to there being an open source engine for it that (with recent updates) drastically improves quality with vanilla assets. If you didn't notice from the screenshot, I'm a Linux user, so if you have anyone having trouble getting skyrim working under Proton, I know the hacks to get the only issue resolved. (I actually developed a better hack myself because I didn't like the other hack.) It seems Skyrim doesn't play nice with the builtin version of FAudio in proton, so you have to set it to use native. I really think Valve should switch to using a full native build of libFAudio as there are several such cases of this bug and the solution is always the same. Additionally, I suspect some DRM, anti-tamper and anti-cheat systems will likely be less likely to complain about native.
  3. Thanks, that is probably it. I'll check. Thanks for the VERY useful information. Little quirks like that can help a lot. The admin staff might want to update everything to make usernames case insensitive, if it won't cause any conflicts with current user names. If it would create conflicts in current usernames, use search order case correction (i.e. "soft" insensitive, where it will match an exact match first, then match anything if only one is found.) Nope, still doesn't work. Here's a screenshot of the error The error text is: "Auto-creation of a local account failed: Automatic account creation is not allowed." p.s. I'm still upvoting the admin's post because of effort working on me on this. It is VERY appreciated.
  4. Yeah, it still isn't working. My password is a little long and cryptic because I'm using a password generator for added security. Do you think that might be the issue?
  5. I am thinking it might also be that the two databases don't sync immediately. I'll give it a few days too.
  6. Contrary to the wiki. I found fCloudNearFadeDistance actually DOES make a difference. Needless to say it's very subtle. If you shrink the distance, when you are at the top of the mountains you can see the clouds a lot closer. This is particularly notable when viewing over long distances from the mountain peaks. Likewise increasing it substantially will make sure you can't see clouds on the nearby mountaintops, and can only see them in the distance. This is honestly so subtle you likely won't notice it without turning down dynamic DOF, even if you have a habit of scouting from mountaintops. I play with the DOF effect strength halved, so it is more noticeable to me. Generally the default setting is very good for most players, but if you find the clouds annoying you can push them back, or if you like them up close you can set them closer. Because of the nature of cloud perception you only need to move it up to 7000 to make a noticeable difference closer. However to make them further out you will need to move several orders of magnitude out. This is due to the closest clouds being referenced by the eye against the mountaintops, which are often very far off. The only real way to gauge it is to climb the peak at one end of a rift of high mountains, and then look down the ridgeline to see where the clouds start. I found that Shearpoint is a very good place to do this.
  7. I'm logged into the forum with my new account, and the login won't work for the wiki. I'd like to add some comments to suggest corrections and additions to the Skyrim ini and general ini sections. One correction is on the "u" prefix: This means unsigned integer.
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